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    Ip Man 
  • Cheung Wing-Sing NOT taking any shit from the bandits challenging her husband in their home, telling them all to shut up, and after reasonably being annoyed by Ip Man indulging in fighting and not spending time with their son, giving him the green light to kick their leader's ass on the promise that they don't break her dishes.
  • Ip Man training the workers as a self-defense class to face against the bandits. When it comes time to fight, they've only had a small bit of training, but it was enough for several of them to get good hits in against trained martial artists and keep them busy for Ip's Big Damn Heroes entry. And then he wades through Jin's mooks like nobody's business.
    • Big bonus for the workers; it was too early for Training the Peaceful Villagers to have much of an effect, but they were able to hold off the bandits in such a way that Ip could get off facing only a few at a time.
  • The fight where Ip Man goes up against ten of the Japanese Karate black belts. This is the first time you see him fighting without concern for the health or safety of the other guy, and holy crap, does it show.
    • This fight starts off with Ip Man catching a dude out of the air, slamming him on the ground, and stepping directly on his head.
    • At one point Ip Man is assaulted by four black belts at once and he parries their attacks with minimal effort. One even gets a painful split for his efforts.
    • At least three times he takes someone down with nothing more than a series of rapid punches that leave them twitching on the ground (and, in the last case, bleeding from their nose and mouth and probably with significant head trauma). And by rapid, we mean about five or six punches in the span of a second, for several seconds, all hitting with full force.
    • Whenever Ip Man doesn't deliver said rapid fire punches he downs his opponents with singular, and arguably even more brutal, kicks, elbow strikes or punches. If it wasn't made clear by the first 10 seconds of this fight this establishes that Ip Man is not fucking around this time.
    • By the end of it, the last fighter standing against Ip is clearly in panic barely holding his ground and with not even a hint of an idea on how to approach his opponent. Three guesses on how this ends and the first two doesn't count.
    • Even better, it was established in an earlier scene with his son that he hasn't been practicing that much since the Japanese takeover. This means that he was essentially 'rusty' (for lack of a better word) during his fight with the ten black belts, and he still kicked their asses like no one's business.
  • During the final fight in the first movie with General Miura, Ip Man managed to corner his opponent to a pillar. The next scene can be described as the ultimate text book ass kicking, wing chun style, where the flashback scene of Ip training with the wooden dummy is cut in between him going to town with the General's ass. Cue the combo meter racking up really quickly as Ip shows the General what wing chun combos are about.
    • To really cement how much of a Curb-Stomp Battle this is, Miura manages to land exactly two clean hits on Ip during the entire fight. Of course, he is also the only one in the film who manages to score on Ip at all.
  • Li Zhao killing Sato by aiming his own gun at his neck.

    Ip Man 2 
  • The round table fight:
    • When Ip Man casually ascends onto the table, the other masters dismiss him as lacking style and unintimidating. He proceeds to prove them wrong.
    • Ip Man handily defeats both Master Law and Master Cheng before facing Master Hung.
    • Master Cheng actually puts up an impressive fight, showing incredible dexterity and being able to briefly restrain and disorient Ip Man at one point. When Cheng does lose, he loses gracefully, unlike Law.
    • Ip Man vs. Master Hung, which ends on a draw.
      • Hung ascends by flipping a chair onto another chair, jumping onto it, and onto the table.
      • The sheer ferocity with which the two fight. Seeing this, it's really hard to tell that Master Hung has asthma.
      • The Rapid-Fire Fisticuffs struggle.
      • The final casualty is the table they stand on. It is neatly broken into two semicircles. Each half is inverted, and then reused as a platform by the two masters.
  • The final fight between Ip Man and Twister.
    • He's maybe an evil SOB but let's give The Twister his due. Defeating Master Hung and then giving Ip Man the fight of his life, despite using only his fists and wearing boxing gloves earns him some major badass cred. In fact, during the fight he shows some impressive footwork do dodge some of Ip's kicks, block some of Ip's attacks with blocks unrelated to boxing, and shrugs off a barrage of punches to the back of his head, a move which is banned in most martial art competitions.
    • The very final bout between Ip Man and Twister, after Ip Man is knocked down yet again, recalls Hung's motivations for fighting and gets back up to curbstomp Twister. Despite struggling throughout most of the fight and being unfairly forced to modify his fighting style in the last round, Ip Man uses his head and figures out how to fight Twister: attacking his arms, or more specifically his biceps. He then hands Twister a completely one-sided fight, beating him to a pulp similiarly like Twister did to Hung and not letting him get a single hit in. Plus there's also him targeting Twister's biceps and using a couple of Master Jung's moves. Good thing Ip Man's a nice guy...
  • Young Bruce Lee.

    Ip Man 3 
  • Ip Man vs Mike Tyson. That is all.
    • Ip Man and Tin-chi tearing through a small army of Mooks when their sons are kidnapped.
    • Ip Man curb-stomping a Thai kickboxer sent by Frank (Mike Tyson) down several flights of stairs after he attacked Ip and his Wife. Not so much the fight itself, which is an interesting enough Interesting Situation Duel, but the camerawork which follows them down several flights of stairs.
    • Tin-chi handily establishes his reputation as the town's newest martial arts master by Curb-Stomping rival martial arts masters one after the other in a montage.
    • Ip Man vs Tin-chi in a Wing Chun vs Wing Chun match with poles, twin blades, and fists. Even better, the finishing blow is the legendary one-inch punch, delivered twice, while Ip was blinded.

    Master Z: The Ip Man Legacy 
  • Basically everything Tin-chi does in the movie.
  • Kwan despite being an elderly woman is able to fight toe-to-toe with Tin-chi when him along with Fu raided their headquarters defeating many Mooks with ease to avenge Nana's death at the hands of Kit.
    • When Kit attempts to pick up the gun, Kwan ends up slicing his hand off as payment to Tin-chi and Fu.
  • Tin-chi struggled against Owen due to the latter's superior build that means he can absorb most of his blows, but once he gets up and fought him long enough, he then starts to go for his joints which has Owen taking damage and eventually be defeated.
  • Tin-chi striking the corrupt British police commissioner in the face for attempting to unjustifiably arrest him even though Owen is the real criminal and possibly knowing that he had a hand in Fu's death.
    • Tin-chi also beats up the other officers that are brutalizing the Chinese civilians protesting while using their own nightsticks against them.
  • Fai, a Hong Kong police officer gets one as he mostly stood by unable to do anything throughout the movie, but once he found out that his British commissioner had a part in on Owen's drug business, he the proceeds arrest him for his corruption while showing his superior authority by being able to command his other fellow officers to side with him and assist in the arrest. What a great officer.

    Ip Man 4 
  • Yonah delivers a "Reason You Suck" Speech to Becky, a rival cheerleader when the latter tries to bully her.
  • Ip Man's Big Damn Heroes moments against Becky's boyfriend's gang and Colin Frater especially delivering Curb-Stomp Battle to both.
  • Ip Man and Wan's fight which became unfinished due to an earthquake, but before that Ip Man was fighting with one hand. Wan also fought on equal grounds with Ip Man.
  • Master Wan manages to hold his own against Geddes compared to the rest of his fellow grandmasters before losing due to lacking the experience Ip Man has. He even managed to push him back a few times that shows he is truly deserving of the Grandmaster title.
  • Hartman delivers a "Reason You Suck" Speech to his asshole sergeant Geddes about cultures while bringing in Ip Man to fight him and boasting that he will kick his ass!
  • Barton Geddes being a marine sergeant who teaches martial arts should be given his due like Twister despite his racism as he is able to take on and defeat a few grandmasters and Wan. He was able to hold his own against Ip Man, but then again the latter was suffering a Drama-Preserving Handicap, but still doesn't take away the awesomeness from it.
  • Ip Man struggled in the first half of his fight against Geddes which had him on the floor, but once he got up, he then decides to really go all out on Geddes and manages to turn his 'No Rule' against him by poking his eye, kicking his groin, crushing his arm before finishing him off with a knife punch to the throat leaving Geddes struggling on the floor. All of this while suffering from cancer, age, and an injured wrist.
  • After Geddes's defeat, Hartman applauds to Ip Man before the rest of the marines soon follow the former's example showing respect for the grandmaster's victory and standing up for their cultures.
  • The ending shows the previous three movies of Ip Man's journey throughout the years as if to thank the audience for staying and witnessing this franchise as it all comes to an end.

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