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  • Seeing Stunk and Zel rescue Crim from a giant demon in the forest with their masterful swordsmanship and archery skills. Up until that point both men had been depicted as little more than a couple of perverted bums so it's pretty amazing to see them effortlessly slay a demon more than twice their size without breaking a sweat. For all of their flaws, let it never be said that the two aren't badass adventurers.
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  • The Stinger for the first episode has Mitsue giving a morale-boosting speech to the younger succu-girls, who all look up to her experience and seniority. Despite her relative age and seniority, her experience and popularity (with elf men) makes her a big sister figure to her juniors.
  • Episode 4 has the Reviewers be rescued from a horde of hungry succubi by an orc party of 100... who were coming back for a second time. These orcs were able to get through those girls and come back for more. A definite Offscreen Moment of Awesome for them!
  • The fourth episode has Stunk and Zel casually walk through an infestation of rock monster mobs on the way to the volcanic region while on a fetch quest with Crim, Stunk even one-shotting the combined rock-monster golem that is formed when their basic swarm tactics fail to faze Zel. Zel goes on to reveal that Stunk was a skilled enough swordsman that even in his youth he was able to defeat professional knights.
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  • The twelfth chapter/fifth episode has Lingzhi, the Madam of the Take Your Man-Mushroom To... brothel in the Myconid Forest, who is such an expert at recommending myconid girls to prospective customers that she hits the tastes of the Reviewers right on the spot, earning high scores from all the guys. She only had some trouble with gauging who to give Crim, since she never saw an angel before and her read on him confused her, but despite that she was still able to come up with a mushroom girl based on what she could figure out that got a high score from him as well.
  • The thirteenth chapter/sixth episode has Kanchal step forward to show off his skill at crafting things, as he quickly puts together very convincing copies of Meidri at the golem establishment. Too convincing, in fact, as Meidri lost her temper when she found out. A later manga chapter shows that Kanchal's Meidri Copy golems were so well-made that they ended up becoming Default Dolls at the establishment due to their popularity.
    • Meidri's No-Holds-Barred Beatdown of the Reviewers. She becomes absolutely, awesomely terrifying once she learns they used her likeness to make a sex doll, and completely brutalizes all of them, and in particular giving Stunk the beatdown he deserves for his regular harassment of her.
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  • During the egg-laying show, the Owl birdmaid hostess lays down the law and punishes a bunch of excessively pushy and creepy male lamias when they harass the ladies laying their eggs, carrying them away from the stage.
  • An aftermath of the Boss's Hideout chapter is shown in the 'Darkness' Anthology: Dissatisfied by her poor acting skills, the Boss sends Togue the minotaur to a knight training camp to help her get in character. She really does get into character when the camp is attacked by bandits, beating them all senseless, and ends up getting a real Knighthood after 2 months of training.
  • Grand Mage Demia has several to her name.
    • Her genius is instantly illustrated when it is revealed that she created her flying broomstick by reverse-engineering the physics of aerodynamics and flight after a discussion with Deathabyss about the aircraft she heard some isekai'd people from a modern world describe, and bonded the flight spell that resulted into her broomstick. The resulting flying broomstick is faster than any other broomstick seen by her students and co-workers.
    • Her clones provide such varied and quality services that they're the first to get a perfect 10 from every member of the Reviewers who go to them. Considering each of them has their own widely-varying tastes and desires and they're all pretty experienced at this point, that's an achievement worth noting.
    • Even the review's reactions were awesome, as many people get clearly interested in the 10/10 brothel and make up as many excuses to go, such as skipping studying for a university of mages, an excuse to sell fruits for merchants, and an ENTIRE ARMY going AWOL just to visit the brothel.
    • By Chapter 36 she's managed to improve the knowledge of fire resistance magic and start creating more potent Rings of Fire Resistance from studying Crim's sperm sample.
  • Episode 11:
    • The Incubus Lord's boundless capacity to love women is demonstrated when he actually manages to exhaust the lilim horde without even a little spongy bruising, then decides to take Data's invitation to have her next if the lilim horde was not satisfactory seriously, to her dismay.
    • Kanchal eventually comes up with a solution to the copycat Reviewers: he created a contract with the Transportation Guild so that their own original reviews get distributed across the country for a fair cut of the profit; the copycats ended up having to sign a similar contract with both the Guild and the Original Reviewers, thus ensuring the original Review Team gets a cut of the profits from the copycats. He then shares out the bag of gold that resulted from this with the other guys.
    • The big bag of cash Kanchal brought back also established the fact that visiting and then writing reviews on the brothels and their services is a viable job given adequate circulation of the resulting reviews, if one have the funds to invest in it. This is the modus operandi of some IRL newspaper columns: the writer experiences something and writes review articles in that column, and the publisher pays the writer.
    • Having accidentally blown all their money at the leprechaun's bar, Stunk, Zel, and Kanchal end up spending the rest of the month dungeon diving and taking quests to rebuild their cash reserves. They're shown to blow through multiple dungeons before the month is out, and the narrator reveals that they saved the world from some evil scheme without realizing it in their mad grind for money.
  • Episode 12 establishes that Demon Two's original plan to have the Reviewers visit the Demon's Hole and write an article about demon women was well thought out. He admits that it will still take time to rehabilitate the public image of demons, but the Reviewers have helped to highlight the misunderstandings that resulted in a bad reputation and the process of helping demons integrate into polite society better has been set in motion by him. Deathabyss may be impatient for more immediate results, but he has achieved his goal of starting to repair the impression of demons.
  • While the process by which they achieve it is also pretty humorous, the way the Reviewers go about slaying the Trichromatasm monsters in chapter 33 is both impressive and ingenius: normally, anybody who tries to kill one only ends up dying themselves, as their normal intangibility allows them to effortlessly avoid attacks, while their Fire, Ice, Lightning attacks are so powerful, with almost nobody having defenses against all three outside really high level adventurers, that it pretty much takes just one touch to end an adventurer's life. The Reviewers get around that problem by baiting it into latching onto Crim, who is basically immune to anything besides physical strength and darkness, keeping it in solid form long enough for the adventurers in the group to quickly kill it.
  • Chapter 39 shows that Kanchal's rogue skills are so impressive, he can make it through a 'dungeon' created by the arachne girls of the Arachne's Nest succu-girl joint without getting caught. Zel also puts up a good show, as he uses the Decoy Doll Spell he learnt from Demia during his 3-day session with her to get the jump on his arachne, and manhandles her enough to get her to squeal and put on an ahegao expression as he rides her back to their private room.
  • Chapters 40 and 41 drive home how strong Brooz is by showing that he impressed a group of Amazon women enough that they regularly turn up at his house in hopes that he would eventually marry one of them. These chapters also further showcase Stunk's skill as a swordsman, as he also impresses the Amazon women enough that they were tempted to pursue him as well.
  • Chapter 42 shows how dedicated Samtahn the demon is to fulfilling contracts and obligations he feels bound by, as he is even willing to risk his health with a water nymph made out of living holy water for the sake of filling his role as a member of the Interspecies Reviewers.
  • Chapter 47 demonstrates that Stunk has the martial chops to overpower a trident-wielding merman barehanded so thoroughly that the merfolk immediately turns into a mermaid from being dominated.
  • Chapter 48 shows that the Reviewers take serious precautions when the succu-girls they go for have real hazards - when they try for bug women based on preying mantids, they set up an elaborate disguise with a false edible head for the mantis women to eat while they get in the mood to mate.

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