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  • The Enlightened making a trans-Pacific link chain just to trasport several of the Jarvis Shards all the way from Russia to San Francisco. This required a lot of coordination between Enlightened branches in different countries, including players being at the shards' destination in the wee hours just to secure the shards.
  • Operation #UNIT8, in which Resistence agents constructed a link chain that encircled the Earth.
  • The #13MAGNUS anomaly series was a wave of awesome moments. Especially in San Francisco, where the finale took place:
    • The Resistence achieved one at the beginning by constructing a massive control field extending from San Francisco to the southern reaches of Nevada. Not only did this give them a major point advantage, but it also prevented either side from throwing up any links inside any of the portal clusters. Then the Enlightened got an Awesome Moment as well by taking it down during the final measurement period of the anomaly.
      • That said, despite the field providing the Resistence with a point advantage, the Enlightened still won in points for the two measurement periods that the field was up.
    • The Cupid's Span serving as the backdrop for the final anomaly measurement—the three portals selected for measurement were right across the street.
    • Roland Jarvis's resurrection, followed by his Badass Boast and coming up to the crowd to shake the hands of various Enlightened players, thanking them for their efforts.
      "My name is Roland Jarvis. And I EXIST. Lynton-Wolfe, you are defeated."
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  • Field art is always awesome and a sterling achievement that is the result of collaborating players. Here is a flower constructed out of fields; notably, this was an effort coordinated between both factions.
  • From Recursion:
    • In Oakland, the Enlightened were outnumbered roughly 3 to 1, yet managed to hold onto the lead for the first two of three measurements. The Resistance then get their own Awesome Moment by making a comeback in the final measurement with a massive field over Northern California, beating the Enlightened in Oakland by a close 10 points.
  • At Interitus, the Kansas City Resistance managed to pull off an almost 10:1 victory
  • The Resistance of Baltimore and Indianapolis got one during the Helios anomaly series, when they were were being crushed in the primary site of Detroit, STILL managed to pull off enough of a victory to eke out a narrow win in the set overall and break the Enlightened winning streak.
    • To add on to this, the Enlightened playing really well, in Detroit.
  • On December 11, 2014, the Michigan Resistance linked high level portals in Chicago, Erie, and Sault Ste. Marie to create a control field that covered the entire state.
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  • For a personal moment of awesome, getting the black "Guardian" badge (which requires that you own a portal for 150 days continuously), especially if players from the opposition are actively hunting it down
  • The Nashville satellite for the Persepolis anomaly saw the Enlightenment utterly trouncing the Resistance, having a field cover the entire city for the first two measurements. The Resistance managed to edge ahead a bit for Measurement 3, but not by enough to overtake the Enlightenment lead, ending it with a 176 point deficit that no one hoped to overcome in the last measurement (especially since their margin of victory in the third measurement was only 36 points). When it was over, even before the Measurement 4 results were known, no one in a blue shirt claimed that the Enlightenment were celebrating prematurely. And then the final score revealed that the Resistance's fourth measurement performance was so good that they ended up winning the city by 62 points. Yes, this was an awesome moment for the Resistance.
  • Summerbreeze 2015: The Resistance creates overlapping fields with the following anchor points: Fuerteventura, Kuwait City, Longyearbyen (Svalbard).
  • Project Aurora Australis had 240 Enlightenment agents working for just over a month to claim a CONTINENT. Australia was held for 7 minutes before the Port Macquarie Resistance took it down.
  • The Ingress Prime trailer. It goes through an awesome sequence of events, before ending with a silhouette of someone holding a phone while the scanner's beep plays alongside a wave sweeping the area.
  • Niantic's handling of retiring the Guardian badge. Many players lost guardian to a "guardian hunter" 1-2 days before they would earn onyx at 150 days. Niantic retroactively gave all agents who were within 10 days of earning Onyx or Platinum the medal anyway.
  • Completing a Mission series often creates a mosaic of Mission badges that form one big picture, which looks really nice to have on your profile.