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     Lyrica Nanoha fanfic "Infinity 

Crowning Moments of Awesome for the Nanoha fanfic, Infinity

  • Many, most so far during the six chapter long battle scene that stretched from chapters 11-16 and featured twelve combatants by the time it ended. For examples:
    • Chrono using his usual methods to completely defeat, by himself, an opponent who had previously shown himself able to fight Fate and Arf two-on-one. Then he does the same thing to two upgraded versions of killer cyborgs that held off the main heroes for a good while. Then to one of Tsukiyomi's more powerful summons. Yeah, he gets a lot of these.
    • Fate piercing the shields of and being the only person to truly come close to defeating her mother.
    • Yuuno repelling an attack meant to be used against warships. It was fired at half-power and it took every ounce of energy he had to stop it, but still... And does it with a Badass Incantation
    "I am Unbreakable." Yuuno intoned, running his hands through a complicated pattern in the air as he did so. "Before me, let the territory of my soul be defined, and let all those who trespass within it be repelled. Let this place be moved beyond time and space, untouchable and unassailable. Absolute Defense, Materialize."
    • Ah heh heh. You forget something. He did that without using a Device. He also held off Tsukuyomi without using a Device. Indeed, contrary to almost every other character in the story, Yuuno is a normal ferret, er, human without a Device. Who is still keeping up with everyone else.
  • Earlier in the story, Nanoha countering an area-of-effect illusion by blindfolding herself to block out the false images and fighting on pure instinct until she could gather enough power to simply blast it away.
    • Two words: Stardust Fall
    • Especially when you deal it against Yamata No Orochi, of all target.
  • Two more words: Diabolic Emission!
  • Susanoo's absolute refusal to stay down during the third major battle.
  • Lindy vs. Precia. Holy crap, man.
    • In the same chapter, Tsukuyomi defeating Chrono simply and effortlessly using much the same tactics he's used to defeat, well, pretty much everyone he's fought Precia notwithstanding.
  • Taurus Bentz saving Zafira from the Black Cat and managing to contain the damned cyborg in the same time, the first time one has been taken alive.
  • The ending of Chapter 26, especially given how bad it looked for the three of them beforehand. Not that it bodes very well for our heroes, but, hey, that's what Villainous Valor is for.
  • Chapter 27: "This moment, however, convinced him that Susanoo was not, in fact, the least dangerous of his siblings. He was just the one that didn't try very hard."
  • The fight that started in chapter 36 and continued to the next chapter:
  • Chapter 39, the conclusion of fight.
    • Remember when tropers on this wiki said that Yuuno Scrya, theoretically, is the most dangerous of the group, thanks to his teleportation ability? Well, Moczo remembers.
    • Fate figures out how to defeat Susanoo: by taking what he told her to heart, and proving that she's really a Harlown. by turning his own strategy against him and blasting him with his own power.
    Bardiche: Photon Lancer: Deicide Shift

     Marvels' Infinity 

Crowning Moments of Awesome for the Marvel Comics event Infinity

  • Corvus Glaive's utter Curbstomping of Wolverine in New Avengers #9.
  • Black Bolt's answer after Thanos offers him a Sadistic Choice: kill all Inhumans between the ages of 16 and 22 or be completely destroyed.
    Thanos: What say you, little king?
    • Black Bolt's attack totally demolishes Attilan and annihilates his henchmen who were with him, but only bruises Thanos, who comes out of the wreckage, pissed.
    • Despite being outclassed, Black Bolt then fights Thanos with everything he's got, and despite getting beat up, refuses to divulge Thane's location.
    • Black Bolt's first scream also activates the modified Terrigen Bomb, activating the powers of everyone on Earth with Inhuman heritage. Despite the consequences which come out later, as it activates Thane's power, he was able use it to defeat Thanos.
      • The best part about this, which was revealed later, is that activating the Terrigen Bomb with his scream had weakened Black Bolt. And he still gave the Mad Titan a good fight despite being weakened and survives.
  • Thor's surrender in Issue 4 and subsequent rallying of support afterward. Which he gained by sending Mjolnir through the builder who insulted his surrender, killing him.
    Builder: Mankind should know when it is done.
    Thor: But what if I am not a man?
    Builder: What?
  • Super-Skrull, Gladiator, Annihilus and Ronan teaming up to take down Black Dwarf in Avengers 23.
  • In Infinity #6, the day is saved by Maximus and Lockjaw.
  • Hyperion vaporizing Corvus Glaive with his atomic vision while being injured by Corvus' weapon.
  • When their attack begins, Captain America sends in Hulk first... to knock at their door

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