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Awesome / Independence Day: Resurgence

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  • The fact that humanity was able to reverse-engineer much of the alien's technology to create a more secure, more high-tech planet.
    • Which leads to a CMOA of it's own. While the Harvesters still clearly have the advantage for most of the movie, the humans vs the aliens is not the total Curb-Stomp Battle in favor of the latter it was in the previous movie, showing humanity has made as good use of the time as they could have.
  • Dikembe's tribe fought against an alien force for ten years on their own, their father refusing help from other nations. Dikembe himself has his arms tattooed with marks for each alien he's killed. There are a lot of marks.
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  • The Harvester ship is a CMOA for the aliens. It absolutely dwarfs the previous mothership, is the size of the entire Atlantic Ocean, has its own gravity, and literally drops Singapore, Dubai and Kuala Lumpur among others on top of London without deploying a single weapon. Oh, and it's powerful enough to tunnel into the Earth and suck out the molten core.
  • When the alien using Whitmore to speak attacks, it's able to fight back with a laser cannon against the soldiers. Cue warlord Dikembe, sliding under its legs and then stabbing it to death with his blades.
  • President Whitmore's Heroic Sacrifice.
  • After spending much of the movie as a Butt-Monkey, low-level accountant Floyd turns into a fantastic alien-fighting machine, blowing away several of them as they attack the sphere. Even warlord Dikembe is impressed.
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  • The Sphere considers the takedown of the Harvester Queen as a moment of awesome for humanity. So much so that it asks us to lead La Résistance against the harvester aliens.
  • Dr. Okun's Badass Boast at the end:
    Dr. Okun: We are gonna kick some serious alien ass.
  • Doubling as a Funny Moment, Jake distracting the alien mission control so the other pilots can sneak into fighting ships by peeing right in front of them while Flipping the Bird. That took serious balls.
  • The Harvester Queen's curb-stomping all of Humanity's defenses on arrival. The Moon Base Cannon, adapted from "The Hammer" used by the Destroyer Ships, is completely impotent against the Harvester Ship, and only gets off one shot before the Harvester destroys the base. Then it wipes out an entire section of the Earth Defense Grid. After it lands, when Earth Space Defense launches a counter-attack to kill the Queen, she waits until they are in range of her personal Mothership's point-defense guns to open fire, and then releases the Attackers when the Earth fighters pull away.
    • The crowner is at the end of the engagement. The Queen decides to leave a door open so that the bombers can sneak into the Harvester, only for an EM pulse to disable all the fighters inside, and releases mobile shield generator drones to attach themselves to the cold fusion missiles on the bombers, which completely suppress the explosions when the cold fusion bombs go off - bombs which could kill everything from the Area 51 base to Houston.

      The strategy turned out so well that David used it against her, just as he used the Harvesters' own strategy against them in the first movie.
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    • New Washington or more specifically the rebuilt Washington, D.C. The city was one of the first destroyed in the War of 1996 and was reconstructed after the war. The city in 2016 looks incredible, like D.C. in our time would look like sixty or seventy years from now. Alien technology has allowed monorails to criss-cross the National Mall (even in front of the White House), hovering TV screens surround the Capitol Building (which has been rebuilt with a thicker and shorter dome, a different taller frontal design and a multinational display at its base) and immense skyscrapers are visible throughout the city.
  • Two great leaders of two great races finally meet eye to eye. One glaring with the utmost hate, the other utterly devoid of fear. Guess who wins.
    That's right. We've got you. On behalf of the planet Earth; Happy fourth of July!

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