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  • Zeke's Big Damn Heroes moment when he shoots Kessler repeatedly before he blows him away.
  • Just after you turn on the last substation, you find out that this mission is a little different: you need to power up some older substations that are above ground to restore power. The problem is they take forever to charge up, you have to stand right near them, and the First Sons are doing their damnedest to kill you and destroy them. But who cares? You've just gained the ability to rain ultra-destructive lightning storms from the sky! And the best part? The substations constantly supply power to you while you stand on top of them. It's the closest the game comes to a Curb-Stomp Battle, and you take out more bad guys in five minutes than you do in all of the third act.
    • An awesome foreshadowing of this happens earlier, before emerging from the sewer. You can attempt to use the lightning storm, only to see nothing and hear some distant rumbles. That is of course the lightning being summoned above ground...
  • Any time the citizens of Empire City join in to help heroic Cole during one of his fights. They may only be able to throw rocks, but they will throw rocks with the passion of people who have had enough devastation and oppression from the marauding gangs.
    • Not only that, they'll point out groups of bad guys, point out hurt people for you to heal further improving your karma, and sometimes if you can't find where a bad guy is shooting you and you have good karma keep an eye on the citizens, they'll always swarm and throw their rocks in the direction of the nearest bad guy, and their rocks stun said bad guys making them much easier to hit!
  • Cole making it VERY clear to Zeke how pissed off Zeke has made him.
  • Sure, things almost immediately go wrong after this, but End of the Road, Good choice. Cole's words as he prepares to destroy the Ray Sphere:
    Cole: Trish's crumbled body flashes through my head. I think of Amy, Zeke. And I hit that sphere with everything I've got.