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  • "The bigger they come, the harder they fall when you slice through their Achilles tendon."
  • The newest Iron Fist series has crowning moments often. One of the first has Iron Fist and Steel Serpent create a Kung-Fu Sonic Boom when their chi enhanced kicks collide. This demolishes an office building.
  • The last female Iron Fist, Wu Ao-Shi, defeating an army of pirates using chi enhanced arrows and becoming the Pirate Queen.
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  • The previous Iron Fist Orson Randall demonstrating how Wu Ao-Shi's technique can be applied to bullets.
  • Steel Phoenix regenerating a chopped off hand and wrecking Tiger's Beautiful Daughter's shit hardcore.
  • Prince of Orphans, John Aman, turning into green mist and effortlessly beating the crap out of Steel Phoenix, Davos.
    • What's really great about this scene is that, while it's during a tournament, Aman is doing it to teach Davos a lesson about respecting the tournament's rules and spirit (which he violated with the above beatdown of Tiger's Beautiful Daughter).
  • Fat Cobra is made of equal parts Moment of Awesome and Funny.
  • Davos and the all female Army of Thunder defeating invading Hydra troops. "I AM XAO'S RECKONING!"
  • Misty Knight to some Hydra soldiers:
    Misty Knight: "Now, you might manage to bring down one of us, or maybe even both of us. But I promise you this—that before we die, we will blind one of you. We will kill two of you. And three of you will never have children. Ever."
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  • Danny explaining to kids how math will save your company from a supervillain.
  • The chi of Shou-Lao taking the form of a dragon.
  • Future Iron Fist Wah Sing-Rand gets two; after he and his ship are put in suspended animation, it takes him 22 years to punch the side of his ship and make it crash-land, and later uses his chi to posses and transform a network of machines and computers into a giant robot.
  • The Immortal Weapons using blood, bones, and various other products of their gladiator fights to talk to each other in morse code while imprisoned.
  • In World War Hulk, Danny gets one when he punches Hiroim of the Hulk's Warbound...and actually manages to hurt him. Hiroim, for the record, can trade punches with the Hulk himself, and was absolutely shocked that Iron Fist managed to inflict real damage.
  • Tony Stark didn't take too kindly to Iron Fist joining the anti-registration super heroes following the Civil War. When Iron Man threatens to use the cameras in his armor as evidence in court to Iron Fist's activities Danny's Lawyer pulls off an impressive moment by basically daring him to do so and counters that he will subpoena the Iron man armor for judicial review.note  Tony wisely backs off.
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  • Iron Fist punching a bullet train loaded with explosives before it can enter the portal to K'un L'un. Faster than a speeding bullet and more powerful than a locomotive...
  • Iron Fist: 1, SHIELD Helicarrier: 0

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