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Reminder: Moments pages are Spoilers Off

  • The crowning moment comes in issue #13 Hulk weakened is being overwhelmed by the hell monsters his father Brian (and by extension the One Below All) have unleashed upon him. Absorbing Man, in a moment of heroism, gives back all the Gamma Energy he took from Hulk, allowing the latter to come back to full strength and charge at his father. Brian Banner blusters that Bruce isn’t his son but Hulk mocks his father saying: "Look at you, still trying to figure me out —learn the rules, find out the secrets. Do you think you ever knew what I was old man? Here's your special theory dad, the only equation you'll need! HULK IS HULK!" and blows Brian and One Below All away with a Shockwave Clap.
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  • The reveal that the Hulk let himself be captured and dismembered by Fortean's people so he could figure out how his own biology worked. Followed seconds later by Hulk busting out while still dismembered. Horrific? Yeah. But also very satisfying to see Dr. Clive realize he's screwed.
  • Absorbing Man, angered that he had been manipulated by the One Below All and Brian Banner into opening the gates to Hell, looks like he's ready to fight. Both antagonists attempt to goad at Creel's pride once more. But he knows and accepts that he can't win this fight, and instead uses his powers to return Hulk's gamma power to him. In short, Creel learned from his past follies and gives Hulk the chance to end this nightmare and return them all to Earth.
  • Shadow Base has Banner pinned down in an abandoned laboratory, pummeling him with ultraviolet radiation through special emitters to prevent him from transforming while Bushwhacker hunts him down. So Joe Fixit takes over Banner's body and manages to work out a solution: the emitters can't be turned off, but they can be cranked up and focused. After all, all it takes is a few levels of compression and ultraviolet rays become X-rays. A little more than that, and they become gamma rays. Cue the mother of all Hulk Outs.
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  • A Meta one - Immortal Hulk has for two months in a row outsold the main Batman book. Not any special anniversary or milestone issue, not the 1st issue, not a part of a crossover - just regular issues #18 and #19. This usually doesn't happen, the only books outselling Batman being Crisis Crossover issues or very hyped up miniseries or 1st issues that always get a huge boost from speculators. Moreover, Hulk has never before been considered this popular to be among books that can compete with Batman at all. This all proves how much of fan and critical acclaim the book has gained.
  • In issue 25, as horrifying as it is, the Breaker of Worlds punching through a planet in one blow is a sight to behold.
  • Savage Hulk (in his special dialect) telling McGowan that he doesn't give a rat's ass about public opinion. He then goes on to explain that he was the target of the hatred and fear of the populace for long and that, if given the choice between protecting the world and his reputation, he will chose the world's safety without care for his reputation.
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  • Issue 31 has Absorbing Man turning into a goddamn plane to fight the Hulk.
  • Issue 32 is basically Xemnu wins: the Comic. So far, the only one showing immunity to the effects of Xemnu's hypnosis are Dario (maybe) and Savage Hulk. Even Banner and Devil Hulk are affected, Devil Hulk no longer knowing what the word Hulk is, and Banner becoming the personality Xemnu describes for him. Savage Hulk is locked away, and beyond frustrated with everyone for falling for Xemnu's lies. Which is when the Green Scar, the Worldbreaker, shows up in Hulk's psyche, ready to take action.
  • Issue 33 answers with Laser-Guided Karma and Catharsis Factor especially for readers of Jason Aaron's Thor. For all those who wished Dario Agger got a well-deserved comeuppance, Xemnu does it for us: he grabs Dario and tries to absorb his body, reducing him to a hideous blob of mangled tissue and half-formed machinery who can only whine for mercy.
    • Xemnu grabs Savage Hulk and is slowly taking him over with his enhanced power. Xemnu boasts to Rick, who just fed Hulk some gamma energy, that would now be of no use since he has Hulk's mind. Ricks response?
    Rick: Look who's coming to get you
  • Issue 34 has Ewing tying together over fifty years of the Leader's plots, plans and deaths. And his apparent ultimate end-goal? Take the power of the One Below All. That's never going to end well, but damn if it doesn't show the Leader's got some serious chutzpah.
  • In issue 35, Banner calling Betty out on how she's using her new Red Harpy form, which he quite accurately describes as a living embodiment of her anger, hate and rage, a manifestation of the worst, most evil parts of herself, to hide from the world.
    • Then, Betty turns this around by succinctly pointing out that that this ugly form is part of her. And the fact that Bruce cannot face her means that he honestly never cared to know her as a whole person.


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