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Awesome / Immortal Hulk

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  • The reveal that the Hulk let himself be captured and dismembered by Fortean's people so he could figure out how his own biology worked. Followed seconds later by Hulk busting out while still dismembered. Horrific? Yeah. But also very satisfying to see Dr. Clive realize he's screwed.
  • Absorbing Man, angered that he had been manipulated by the One Below All and Brian Banner into opening the gates to Hell, looks like he's ready to fight. Both antagonists attempt to goad at Creel's pride once more. But he knows and accepts that he can't win this fight, and instead uses his powers to return Hulk's gamma power to him. In short, Creel learned from his past follies and gives Hulk the chance to end this nightmare and return them all to Earth.
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  • Shadow Base has Banner pinned down in an abandoned laboratory, pummelling him with ultraviolet radiation through special emitters to prevent him from transforming while Bushwhacker hunts him down. So Joe Fixit takes over Banner's body and manages to work out a solution: the emitters can't be turned off, but they can be cranked up and focused. After all, all it takes is a few levels of compression and ultraviolet rays become X-rays. A little more than that, and they become gamma rays. Cue the mother of all Hulk Outs.

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