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  • Their Grammy Awards performance with Kendrick Lamar is five and a half minutes of pure awesome.
  • This promo for Daniel Bryan on his road to WrestleMania XXX, all set to "Monster".
  • The very fact that "Radioactive" was on the charts for a record-breaking 87 weeks.
    • "Demons" also had an impressive run with 61 weeks.
    • And that between July 2012 and July 2014, there was always an Imagine Dragons song on the Billboard Top 100. No exceptions.
    • Speaking of their success on the charts, they managed to stay on the American Top 40 for the entirety of 2013, which culminated in "Demons" becoming the final #1 song of the year.
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  • The fact that they actually collaborated with Riot Games (of League of Legends fame) to create this awesome music video, titled "Warriors". As of September 23, 2014, 4 days after release, the music video has received over 9 million views. By the LoL World Championship Finals, the song had reached over 17 million views. The band also performed on the Pre- and Post-Game shows of the League of Legends World Championship Finals in Seoul, South Korea.
  • They got to perform alongside Koji Kondo on piano at The Game Awards' first ceremony, performing a soft medley of Zelda songs, then segueing into a soothing performance of "It's Time".
  • Collaborating with "Weird Al" Yankovic on "Inactive" (his parody of "Radioactive") to keep the song sounding as authentic as possible. When some artist throw snit fits about their music being parodied, seeing this kind of Parody Assistance is appreciated by fans.
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  • Not one day after releasing and Evolve has rocketed to the top spot on the iTunes Charts.
  • "Friction", already a badass and heart-pumping song in its own right, received a massive boost in popularity when it was used in the acclaimed first trailer for Mission: Impossible – Fallout.
  • The critical acclaim that Origins has achieved. Fans have always adored Imagine Dragons, but finally the critics do too after years of mixed reception.

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