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  • The main character, despite not being a typical Action Girl, gets several badass moments throughout the game's routes:
    • In the prologue, she saves Nobunaga's life without hesitation despite having been just transported to a completely unfamiliar place/time and not even recognizing Nobunaga at first. To put this into perspective, she singlehandedly saved the life of one of the most influential people in Japan's history just because she saw someone who needed her help and impressed him so much that he immediately offered her a ruling position with him.
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    • In Nobunaga's route, she saves his life again on the battlefield with the smoke bomb and ground spikes Sasuke gave her.
    • In Masamune's route, she singlehandedly stops the despicable daimyo Yoshitoshi from fleeing like a coward by grabbing hold of him while he's trying to run away and refusing to let him go. While her lack of a weapon means that she'd have been dead if Masamune hadn't caught up with them in time, Masamune and the rest of the warlords are still impressed by her bravery and lack of hesitation in standing up for her principles.
    Masamune: It was rash, but you did a good thing. You stuck to your principles and should never apologize for that. You fought for something you believe in. Something you couldn't give up. That's the only way to fight.
    • In Ieyasu's Dramatic route, Ieyasu and the MC are under siege by the enemy and can't hold out much longer, and Ieyasu decides that he needs to push her away from him so that she'll return to her time and be safe there. What does the MC do? Refuse to leave Ieyasu because she can see what he's trying to do, and instead come up with a plan all on her own for her to sneak out of their besieged location and bring back reinforcements to save everyone in the location. And it works!
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    • In Hideyoshi's route, she bravely runs out into the battlefield and uses another of Sasuke's smoke bombs to prevent Hideyoshi from unknowingly killing numerous innocent civilians who were forced by the enemy into acting as a meat shield for their forces. She saved literally hundreds of lives with this action.
    • Also in Hideyoshi's route, this exchange between her and Mitsuhide who normally has no problem getting the upper hand on others or twisting her words back on her:
    MC: Do what I asked you to do, or I'll ruin everything you worked for.
    Mitsuhide: Little seamstress, are you threatening me?
    MC: Yes.
    • On Kenshin's Romantic route, she stops the unstoppable God of War's march on Azuchi by riding out as a commander, complete with war fan, and leading the charge on Kenshin to talk him out of his Heroic BSoD.
  • Nobunaga proves to be such a badass that even when he's kidnapped in Hideyoshi's route, he succeeds in rescuing himself before anyone else can come to his aid by either convincing his captors to switch sides to him or wriggling out of his bonds and knocking all his captors unconscious.
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  • A more understated example, but Hideyoshi's response in his Romantic route to Nobunaga's declaration that the MC belongs to him with, "My lord, [she] does not belong to you. Nor does she belong to me. [She] belongs to no one but herself," showing that not only does he understand that the MC is her own person but that he is now willing to stand up to Nobunaga on important matters instead of automatically agreeing with everything he says like he would have done earlier in his route.
  • In Mitsunari's route, Mitsunari shuts up the arrogant commander Akabori, who has abused his soldiers and bullied Mitsunari because he viewed him as 'weak' for being more interested in reading than fighting, by beating him in a sword duel with his unparalleled ability to analyze an opponent's fighting style and weaknesses in battle.
  • Also from Mitsunari's route: After receiving a Breaking Speech from Shingen about how he lacks the conviction to go for risky strategies unlike Shingen and Kenshin, Mitsunari gets the better of Shingen during their next encounter by pulling off the highly risky and audacious plan of smuggling Oda reinforcements into Takeda-Uesugi territory right under Shingen and Kenshin's noses by disguising them as Kennyo's Ikko-Ikki.

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