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Awesome / I'd Trade My Life For Yours

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  • Tenko knocking Maki down after the latter threatens Kaede for her naivete.
  • Ryoma standing up to Angie and convincing Gonta to not join the student council.
  • Angie managing to develop the student council in the first place, despite Kaede being around, is pretty awesome in its own right, even if it isn’t as powerful as it is in canon.
  • While Kokichi and Himiko’s plan fails, it was pretty awesome that they tried to take such a direct step against the mastermind so early in the game in any case. And it would have worked, if Kokichi had been right on his guesses for the mastermind.
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  • When confronting Angie for murdering Gonta, Kaede finds enough resolve to face her opponent in a Argument Armament and win.
  • Kokichi manages to escape four separate murder attempts in chapter 4.
  • Miu makes an attempt to escape her own execution, which is as awe inspiring as it is depressing and destructive.
  • Despite Tenko's insufficient medical expertise, she was able to patch up Kaede and Ryoma without any help from the other students.
  • Not only has this story received numerous accolades from hundreds of readers online, it also garnered the attention of notable Fan Fic writers like The Apocryphal One of Extra Life fame.
  • As dark and suspenseful as it was, fans have admitted that the action sequence of Maki going to the hangar to kill Kaede while successfully getting past Kokichi's exisals was one of the greatest moments in the fanfic. Kaito also gets praise for trying to stop Maki from killing them despite his weakened physical state .
  • The ending of Case 5. Like in canon, the killer dies (of poison or illness) before the execution finishes, robbing Monokuma of even that victory. But unlike canon, Kokichi and Maki's Thanatos Gambit is so elaborately designed that even though the students figure out she's the victim, nobody can figure out whether Kokichi killed her or she committed suicide before being crushed by the hydraulic press. Monokuma rules Kokichi guilty anyway, but as multiple people point out, he doesn't really know that's true. The sheer awesome can be summed up in this one sentence:
    Ouma smiles. “And I think that means I win.”
    • Then he flips the metaphorical bird at Monokuma by loudly sighing that now there will be two wrongful exectuions. "This killing game sucks..."
    • One also has to give reluctant props to Tsumugi for forcing the trial to continue, nagging at every point and bit of evidence to solve it. Because of this, she's able to get Kokichi killed, even though Kaede had figured out his plan and tried to go along with it.
    • Kaede deserves some credit for figuring out Kokichi's plan in time and correctly pinpointing Tsumugi as the mastermind based on her behavior during the trial.
      • The stories implies that Kokichi realized Tsumugi's true identity as well upon giving her this question:
    Kokichi: "Is that really the best picture Monokuma had of me? He didn’t even get my good side!"

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