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Awesome / Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

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  • The T.rex pushing Rudy, the most dangerous dinosaur in the dino-world, off the edge of a cliff.
  • The whole thing about Buck, Crash and Eddie commandeering a pterodactyl to save Sid. A canyon chase, a little tail-and-berry (bow-and-arrow), some Improbable Aiming Skills, an inflating Pterodactyl and a postcollision Mid Air Repair thrown in between.
    • And while they where busy with said awesome aerobatics, Manny and Diego were having their own awesome moment fighting Guanlongs to protect Ellie while she was in labor. Worth mentioning is that while racing to Ellie against a Guanlong, Diego starts to feel exhaustion just like when he chased the gazelle at the beginning, but he quickly fights and overcomes it through sheer determination to help his friends.
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  • Scrat and Scratte 'dancing' the Nutty Tango over the nut. It's both awesome and hilarious.
  • Buck is pretty much a walking, talking moment of awesome, as well as a Funny Moment.
  • Sid standing up to Mama Rex. Sure, it's something of a jerk move because he basically stole her eggs (albeit while thinking they'd been abandoned) and has no real custody claim to the babies, but it's still Sid refusing to back down from a T. rex.
  • Ellie saving everyone from the Chasm of Death when Buck gets caught in the toxic fumes as well.
    • Earlier, after a carnivorous flower eats both her mate and friend and then threatens her brothers, her response is to charge like an angry mammoth matriarch would. It gets cut short when Buck informs her that it'll only make it worse, but still.


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