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  • Huntress' duel with Shiva in issue 6 of the 2010 relaunch. It's a fight no one but Cassandra Cain has ever won fairly, and she knows it. And yet she manages to floor Shiva once. Floor her. By throwing her own blood into Shiva's eyes and uppercutting her while she's blinded. Shiva thinks this is so awesome, she dubs Helena the "Iron Owl."
  • The ending of Cry for Blood is both this and a Tear Jerker. Helena achieves what is probably her greatest triumph: she arranged the murder of Santo Cassamento, leader of one of Gotham's five families also her real father, at the hands of her uncle, Tomaso Pannessa, the leader of another of the five families, while also arranging for Panessa to be caught red-handed by the police, ensuring that he will go to prison for this, simultaneously decapitating two of Gotham's five families, and she has done this under the noses of Batman, Nightwing, Robin, Oracle, and especially the Question. Of course, in the process, she has betrayed their trust, especially the Question's, and burnt all her bridges. She is totally triumphant, and just as totally alone.
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  • In Arrow, she pulls off an Arrow Catch when fighting Oliver in "The Huntress Returns." It's an awesome moment for her in its own right, but the effect is enhanced when she immediately says "I studied that move," revealing that she didn't know she could actually do it until that moment.
  • Seven words: "Now I know how Jim Gordon feels." The context: Huntress has just pulled off a Stealth Hi/Bye on Batman. And this was not a one-off: over the years, she would repeatedly either get the drop on Batman or disappear without him noticing.
  • She shuts up Spy Smasher in Birds of Prey with this:
    Huntress: Lady, if you say another word before we get back to Metropolis, I swear to God I'll knock every damn one of your teeth right out of your mouth.
  • In Batman: No Man's Land, she fights off a dozen of the Joker's goons by herself to protect a building full of defenseless men, women, and children. Two of the thugs even run away rather than deal with her. She's then shot by the Joker, but the awesome doesn't end there.
    Huntress: Bite me.
    • She fully recovers from being shot, making this triply-awesome.
    • For a brief time during this story she does double-duty as a vigilante, spending her days as Huntress and her nights as Batgirl.
  • In Batman: Hush, Huntress gets dosed with fear toxin and fights Catwoman, confusing her with her older, more violent self. Huntress isn't as effective in combat due to being drugged, but still puts up enough of a fight that Catwoman has to sedate her to end the battle. And even then, while Catwoman and Batman are busy with other threats, Huntress manages to break out of her sedation, come to her senses, and leave the area. By stealing Batman's motorcycle.

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