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Awesome / Hunter: The Vigil

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  • Just managing to be a hunter in the World of Darkness. In a world where most people blatantly deny the supernatural and paranormal out of fear, or become part and parcel against their will or even willingly. Even if you do have some kind of special ability, you're going up against undead Machiavellians, beast-men, and wizards at the very least. You might have a gun, but you will have a cell. And that cell will stand with you, dammit. Yes, it's dark. Yes, you will die. You can still die lighting the darkness.
  • Some of the Compacts and Conspiracies' Origin Stories include moments of awesome in themselves:
    • The Merrick Institute: After years being used as guinea pigs for painful dream experiments by a shadowy government organization, a group of child prodigies actually managed to communicate between themselves using code, overthrow their captors and take over the Institute, gaining their freedom in the process. Not only that, but they actually ended up starting their own conspiracy to fight monsters of their own will so they could protect people.
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    • Yuri's Group: Originally a support group made out of people who had been assaulted by what's implied to have been a Beast named the Serpent King, they eventually figured out he was real, tracked him down, and slayed him. In his true form. Keep in mind that at the time, they were just regular humans with nearly no experience of the supernatural.
  • The existence of the Lansing Facility as described in Slasher can be considered one; VASCU, despite the limited means granted by the government to their agency, managed to build a prison capable of holding superpowered serial killers. Not only that, but amazingly enough, this Facility manages to avert Cardboard Prison, to the point their current concern is that they might need to build a new one due to having too many prisonners. You read that right: not only did VASCU manage to build a prison capable of containing supernatural beings, they actually succeeded at capturing enough of them alive and keeping them locked up that they are running out of cells.

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