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  • Kacey telling off her former Girl Posse in "How To Rock Braces and Glasses":
    Kacey: I'm not perfect. And you guys are not my friends.
  • Stevie's rant against Molly in "How To Rock A Messy Bet":
    Stevie: You are the most evil person I have ever met! It's like somewhere out there, there's a place with no evil in it because you're hogging it all!
    • Followed up by her showing Andy (who Kacey had sent to burp and fart in front of Stevie to make her insult him and lose the bet) what a real burp sounds like.
  • Gravity Five performing "Go With Gravity" in "How To Rock A Lunch Table." Everyone in the lunch room loves it and turns to watch them instead of The Perfs. It's a great True Companions moment too: As long as they're with each other, the fact that they have a crappy lunch table is no big deal.
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  • Grace showing off her camping skills in "How To Rock Camping".
  • How skilled Kacey is during her first game in "How To Rock A Basketball Team."

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