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  • Tommy Chong makes it through all ten wings without even breaking a sweat.
  • Russell Brand's song for Brett Baker.
  • Coolio's legendary and absolutely insane display of machismo when he reaches the final wing. He takes the bottle of Blair's Mega-Death Sauce and, instead of just dabbing, DOUSES THE ENTIRE FUCKING WING AND PROCEEDS TO CLEAN THE WHOLE THING. This despite the desperate pleas of Sean to stop and think of what he's doing. It very quickly bites him in the ass and he later winds up passed out in the studio's green room for about an hour afterwards, but the simple fact he was willing to do it at all can't be overlooked.
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  • Similarly, Eddie Huang decides to cut the bullshit and goes straight for the final wing, intending to go in reverse. Sean tells him it's a bad idea and doesn't make the game any easier, but Eddie goes for it anyway. He ultimately regrets it, faring no better with the second-hottest wing and necessitating some time in the bathroom (where he makes the very poor decision of touching his dick). It's such a gutsy move that even though he does technically fail the challenge, he still manages to officially stay out of the Hot Ones Hall of Shame.
  • Rachael Ray eats the sauces straight, from a teaspoon, rather than on a wing.
  • Guy Fieri has a big one in the stinger for his episode as he's leaving.
    Guy: Also, for the record? No water, no milk.
    Sean: (does a double take at the glasses) WHOAH!
  • Dax Shepard works his way through each wing like an absolute champ and by the time he gets to Blairs he does a noticeably larger dab than Sean and still doesn't break a sweat. So he requests another one and not only does he coat a full half of the wing with Megadeath, he cleans the whole thing and even licks his fingers of any sauce left over. Sean is very nearly rendered completely speechless after witnessing it.
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  • Logic managing to beat a Rubik's Cube and answer all three of Sean's Jurassic Park trivia questions while his mouth is burning on The Last Dab.
  • Chrissy Teigen putting extra sauce on some of the wings and licking them.
  • The fact that after years and years of asking, Sean managed to convince Gordon Ramsay to come onto the show. Much swearing and cooking ensued.

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