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Awesome / Honey, I Blew Up the Kid

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  • While it’s mostly Played for Laughs, you gotta admit; the fact that Adam always escapes from his playpen, no matter what his parents try, is pretty awesome for a two-year-old. It even comes up later when Hendrickson has him captured.
    Nick: You can't keep him in that truck!
    Soldier: Don't worry. It's all fixed up. As far as your brother's concerned, it's one big playpen.
    Nick: That's what I mean.
  • Wayne completely flipping out at Dr. Hendrickson when he has Adam detained and taken for testing without their knowledge, and actually wrestling a federal marshal when he nearly dishes it out to the man.
    Brooks: We just needed to give the baby more room so he wouldn't hurt himself.
    Dr. Hendrickson: Of course, the mutated child will have to undergo immediate testing.
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  • Clifford Sterling siding with Wayne and Diane over Hendrickson.
  • Adam catching the car with Nick and Mandy in it and saving them.
  • Brooks driving the ice cream truck to lure Adam out of the city.
  • The pilot of the helicopter swerving just as Hendrickson is about to fire his first shot at Adam. He previously expressed reluctance in Hendrickson’s plan and he was actively trying to interfere with his attempts to sedate Adam under the concern of Adam and the Vegas citizens’ safety. It’s worth noting as well that the pilot is a dad himself so shooting tranquilizers at someone else’s son doesn’t sit well with him.
  • As funny as it is, Mandy so shocked and upset that anyone would ever try to hurt a toddler, no matter if he is over fifty-feet tall.
    Nick: They're shooting at Adam!
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  • When Wayne is about to use the shrink ray to enlarge Diane so she can get Adam to hold still long enough to shrink him back to normal size, he says that he should be the one doing it, not her. Diane immediately responds with this:
    Diane: There’s one thing every little kid knows; Daddies mean “fun”, Mommies mean business!
  • Watching just how quickly the crowds of Vegas turn on Dr. Hendrikson, after the first time he shoots at Adam, their fear turns more for Adam's safety than fear of the kid himself and out right anger when they prepare to shoot him again.
  • Diane achieves this by ORDERING Dr. Hendrickson and the pilot of the helicopter he's in to stop him from shooting her baby with a high-powered Tranquilizer Rifle (it helps that she's been turned into a 50-foot-tall woman by a reversal of the shrink ray):
    Diane: BACK. OFF.
    Helicopter Pilot: Yes, ma'am!