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Awesome / Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey

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  • Shadow and Chance manage to outwit a mountain lion by luring it onto a rock formation and utilizing said rock formation as a giant seesaw, just like Chance did with Sassy earlier in the film.
    Chance: Hasta la vista, kitty!
  • Sassy taking on one of the pound workers: "Am I bad? Oh yes."
  • Sassy sneaking into and breaking Shadow out of the pound, followed by them escaping with Chance. It turns out not to be the best thing when they wind up missing the family, but it's still pretty impressive.
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  • Even though the odds on domestic animal's success at are very long Shadow, Chance, and Sassy manage to travel all the way through the California mountains and make their way home, even getting past mountain hazards and catching their own food (Sassy did most of the latter, but it's still very impressive).
  • Don Ameche's entire performance. In ill health and doing a project that a lot of actors of his stature would consider beneath them (Sally Field being one of them), he gives one of the most heartfelt and poignant performances of his whole career, making Shadow a believably noble and wise figure who can even quiet down any kids who just came for goofy dog antics.


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