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  • The Ophidian/The Serpent Society (Gisele Shaw and Holden Albright) vs. Team Darkside (Holidead, Evil Uno and Darby Allin) match from Demand Lucha Glamour X Menace, June 10, 2018. Holidead scaring Ophidian into the corner is one thing. Later in the match, Ophidian hit her with his spinning Enzuigiri, and she stayed on her feet, prompting one of the commentators to proclaim, "She's the toughest bitch alive!"
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  • Their NWA Western States Tag Team Titles defense against Mariachi Loco and Lil' Cholo at Sabotage Wrestling's October 7, 2016 show, since the crowd was chanting "THIS IS AWESOME!" before anything had even happened.

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