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She's just stood up to those who stole her song.

As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • The MSPA reader gradually takes levels in badass as the chapters go on, going from being a crippled Extreme Doormat to voluntarily assisting their friends in combat. Considering MSPA reader is even weaker than the average rustblood, that says a lot about their courage and desire to aid their friends.
    • The mere fact that the Reader was able to survive on Alternia for so long is impressive in itself. This even impresses the Grand Highblood in Chahut's route. Though it's later revealed that this is at least partially due to Doc Scratch's influence.
  • Remele having a change of heart after abandoning the reader to be attacked by a Purpleblood and beating them to death with their own club.
  • Chixie utterly ripping apart a popular highblood band that stole her act and her new song by hijacking their show with an improvised rap, effortlessly exposing them as talentless hacks with no originality. Complete with a Mic Drop!
    • She's several castes lower than the entire band. She knows they have every right to kill her. But she disses them anyway, reminding them that nothing they do to her will be able to change the fact that she's just thoroughly destroyed their reputation.
    Chixie: I just... told a bunch of highbloods / to eat my bulge.
  • In the second bad ending of Karako's route, he and the MSPA Reader both die in a Faygo fight with a bunch of seadwellers that gets them both stabbed to pieces. But after death, the Reader is carried off to ride the eternal carousel of the Dark Carnival, right beside Karako. A lowly and pathetic alien attained such heights of buffoonish, suicidal, clownfucking violence that they were accepted into the trolls' version of Valhalla.
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  • In the bad end of Nihkee's route, the MSPA Reader has visions of previous routes and their bad endings, and then visions of their return to Nihkee resulting in her losing her other leg, getting hit by a train, and somehow surviving and being turned into a cyborg who will stop at nothing to kill them. If this wasn't just the Reader's imagination and really was a vision of the future, then it's important to note that they managed to avoid her for a whole year before she finally caught them, even after their phone's battery ran out, they had to abandon their friends, and some of said friends may or may not have been killed by her.

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