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  • Pretty much any time Ringo Chen takes center stage. For Tomorrow is basically four issues of alternating CMoAs for Tommy and Ringo.gets some awesome Famous Last Words.
    Ringo Chen: When it's your turn,Tommy? Try to go with dogs at your feet.
    • Ringo also pulls off the rare post-mortem CMoA. With Tommy's help, he rigs his own corpse to kill his murderers.
    • And he's such a badass, that after he finally dies, Death offers him a job.
    • Yet another (earlier) Ringo one: the gang (Ringo, Tommy, Natt, and Hacken) are on the run from an evil military in some made up African country, being chased across the desert by a helicopter. They find cover in a cave, but realize they're trapped as long as the copter is lurking and that the ground troops will come and kill them eventually. Ringo calmly walks out of the cave and stands in plane view to draw the helicopter out, not flinching as it begins firing towards him. He did this just so his friends could get a clean shot at the helicopter. Then, naturally, he drives a tank into the corrupt capitol and runs over its dictator.
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  • Natt the Hat is Tommy's sidekick through the whole series, and often gets stuck playing comic relief. During the big shootout in the final issue, however, they round a corner, and a bad guy shoots Natt in the chest, point blank. Natt's reaction? He grabs the gun out of the guy's hand, shoots him in the head, then continues to try and escape.
    Natt: Bitch, you think you bad? You think you friggin' bad?!!
  • Tommy and Ringo share a great one in "For Tomorrow". They've been kidnapped, tortured (like, having a few ribs removed while you're conscious level tortured), and have just gotten ahold of some weapons. Pretty much everything that happens after that is pure CMoA, but the beginning stands out, when Tommy and Ringo first get loose and enter the room full of heavily armed bad guys:
    Ringo: I pity you. You have to stop us. *ass-kicking ensues*
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  • Sean Noonan calmly gunning down a rampaging dinosaur with the chain gun he keeps behind the bar, then grinding it into burgers.
  • Lots in the two-part JLA/Hitman crossover issues. Once more, despite Garth Ennis's general hatred of superheroes, the members of the Justice League are treated with respect and are shown to be fairly competent (although he still makes a little fun a Green Lantern Kyle Rayner's expense and writes wally to be a bit of a Jerkass).
    • One scene that is both awesome and a Heartwarming Moment is when Tommy comes across Superman, who was being controlled by an alien parasite on his head. Given that Tommy is just a human being (aside from his x-ray vision and minor telepathy) Superman would have killed him in seconds if he fought all out. since Superman only used his heat vision and tried to beat Tommy physically yet managed to miss every time, one suspects the Man of Steel was holding back and Fighting from the Inside. Later confirmed when Tommy shouted out to Superman to help him break free.


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