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History Teaches Us:

  • The Company defeat the trolls without Gandalf's help this time.
  • Thorin snarks at the Great Goblin, then calls to Gandalf for help while the Goblin is distracted.
    Great Goblin: Cocky, aren't you? Considering that you are captive and with no way out.
    Thorin: I would not say so. Not so arrogant as one who allows himself to be distracted by gloating and fails to notice that his captives include a wizard. Gandalf!
    [Gandalf's blast of energy knocks the goblins flat]
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  • Balin gives Thorin an Armor-Piercing Slap when the latter wallows in self-pity.
    Balin: That is enough. For years I accepted these outbursts of melodrama because it was you, and Mahal knows you have suffered enough over the years to make you as bitter as any five other dwarves. But this is enough. After these last months I know you can be better than this. Whatever was done made you better than this and you will not sink back into self-indulgence now! We have a job to do, given to us by our creator no less, and we will see it done as best we can. That means looking forward, not backward. Finish the tale and let us move on.
  • Bilbo kills Smaug by climbing the dragon's body and stabbing him with a Black Arrow note .
  • Thorin's fight with Azog. It goes much better for him than it did in canon.

Shall History Remember?:

  • Frodo, Merry and Pippin, who are much younger here than in canon, decide to follow the Fellowship.
  • Elladan, Aragorn, Merry, Pippin and Sméagol kill a Nazgûl. Not the Witch-King (no man can kill him, after all), but they still take on one of Sauron's most powerful servants and kill it.
  • Bofur smart-mouths Saruman. When Saruman demands to know where the Ring is, Bofur pretends to think he means Thorin's ring, and when Saruman offers him all the wealth of Middle-earth, Bofur reminds him that most of that wealth is in Erebor, where Saruman and his "little toy army" can't get at it.
    • Note that the "little toy army" is made of orcs. Saruman's specially-bred orcs, no less.
  • Sméagol's Heroic Sacrifice. He leads the Nazgûl as far away from his friends as he can.
  • Bofur kills Saruman with a knife hidden in his hat.
    Bofur: That's the problem with you mighty folk. You always underestimate the hat.
  • The Fellowship fight Shelob. Legolas kills her.
    Legolas: That is for 150 years of your filth overtaking my home.
  • Galadriel creates a wind storm and drives the Nazgûl back.
  • Denethor's Offscreen Moment of Awesome: He kills an Orc, gets a wound across his face that is so severe his men think he'll bleed to death there and then, but ignores it for the rest of the battle so he can lead the charge to Osgiliath.
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  • Glorfindel and Thranduil versus the Mouth of Sauron. Guess who wins and who loses his head.
  • Dís, Sigrid and Tauriel fight the Witch-King. Sigrid kills him.
  • Fíli and Thorin commandeer the Fell-beasts to rescue Frodo and Bilbo from Mount Doom, which is currently erupting.
    • Followed by Dwalin shooting down the Fell-beasts, thinking it's the Nazgûl returning. Mistaken though he was, and disastrous though the consequences could have been, he still shoots down the Nazgûl's mounts.


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