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  • Higanbana unexpectedly putting Sumire in her place when she kills all the bullies Sumire created in Yukari's class. (It's implied that this is revenge for what she did to Shuuichi.) Higanbana smugly thanks Sumire for the meal afterwards.
  • In "A Thistle of Vengeance," Yukari decides to Take a Third Option when dealing with Sumire and Azami. Instead of using the thistle to become a cruel bully or let herself be bullied, she uses her new power to take control of the classroom and stamp out any bullying she sees.
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  • Nafumi's fate. When it looks like she's gotten the best of Renoir and Higanbana, Nafumi is suddenly reminded of something she said earlier. When she was asked about Yuki's death, she basically said who could figure out why senseless accidents happen? Only... Nafumi knew exactly what happened to Yuki because she was the one who accidentally killed him. And one of the rules when dealing with Renoir is you can't lie to him. Which means Nafumi lost the battle long before Higanbana got involved and Renoir knew it. Nafumi's Oh, Crap! realization is priceless.
  • In the non-canon Ryukishi07 Party Royale, the characters from Higurashi, Umineko, Higanbana and Rose Gun Days decide to enter each others' worlds to see how they deal with the events. Marie is facing off against the Seven Stakes of Purgatory who bully her without remorse. Marie turns the tables on them by entering a bedroom and makes it a locked door mystery, even using her role as "Mesomeso-san" to deter the Stakes from entering (as they know that listening to her tale or even trying to see her is going to end badly). Marie then mentions that she's capable of keeping herself hidden by humans whereas the Stakes are affected by the "anti-magic toxins" and must surrender. Considering how Marie's efforts end up failing, this is one of the only times Marie truly shows why she deserved the name Eigth Youkai.


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