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  • The final stretch of the race. Just the way it's filmed makes it a wonder to behold. The POV goes into slow motion and the sound dims to a dull background crowd noise. The one clear sound is an extremely loud thud everytime one of Hidalgo's feet hit the sand. Just the look on Frank's (Viggo Mortensen) face sells it. Also, everytime Hidalgo's foot hits the ground and the thud happens, the audience's POV seems to be shaking. It makes you feel as if Hidalgo were really shaking the world with all his incredible strength and speed. Also, if you watch the people in the background, you realize that even though it's in slow motion, the horses are still going incredibly fast.
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  • After the Race is over and done with, Sheikh Riyadh, who had bet against Hopkins and given him some crap dealing with his daughter, invites Frank to stay in his house forever, free of charge. Frank states that he has to see his home again and then proceeds to offer his gun (which had previously been bet as a way of raising the stakes should Frank have lost) to Riyadh. Riyadh questions why Frank is still giving him the pistol seeing as he lost the race, Frank merely replies "but you gained a friend."
  • When Frank is doing his victory laps on the beach he rides up to the Prince who had previously mocked him in the desert. The Prince says in a humble voices "it is a magnificent horse." Frank replies "likewise Prince" and both share a nod of honor to each other.
  • "Nobody hurts my horse."
  • One for Mortenson. Instead of learning his Indian language lines by rote or phonetically, he actually learned Lakȟótiyapi, the Lakota Sioux language.

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