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  • The Redeemer fighting a hero (Herbert Flynn) for the first time... and kicking their arse so badly, he basically wasn't even trying.
  • On a similar note, Olem's blast of disease energy that was so powerful it actually ripped through the Redeemer's armour!
  • Again, for the Redeemer. Lucio tries to get sassy whilst he's in a helicopter, so the Redeemer just kicks him out of the helicopter! Then when Lucio's Olympus trainer tries to fight the Redeemer, he casually blocks his punch and throws him into a tree, possibly killing him! And the Sculptor was one hell of a hero... But the Redeemer is one heck of a villain!
  • The moment Nathan manages to save Herbert and some random citizens from a burning roof which was about to collapse on them all by actually using his powers as a hero.
    • Why do I always have to save your arse.
  • On a similar note, Herbert finally accessing his mother's ability again and moving his arms so fast they go supersonic and create a sonic boom which destroys a side of the cinema and allows them to escape.
  • Herbert's first use of his uncle's ability - Mach 2 flight which nearly shatters the windows in the cafe nearby. The other characters notice it too.
  • Nathan's super mega punch which destroys Windman (a very notorious villain) during the penultimate Trafalgar Square battle has to be read to be believed. Even the other characters are shocked by its efficiency, and the fact it came from Nathan.
  • Olem and Aurora taking down low-life crooks as vigilantes. It's brutal, but they had it coming.
  • Most importantly, and the absolute crowning moment of awesome for the series, is the final battle between Herbert and the Redeemer in the 70s, after the Redeemer jumps back in time to kill Captain Omega. Herbert, jacked up on Vertex energy which enhances his powers, is a living god, capable of using any power he's ever absorbed. But props to the Redeemer for holding his own, and although he is worn down, he puts up a terrific fight, until his armour is destroyed. Then, it gets even better - Herbert redeems the Redeemer, (who then commits suicide), then travels back in time to correct some of the more devastating events in the finale, and the story ends with Herbert putting the deceased Redeemer's memories into his (slightly younger) body's mind so he'll see the truth of his actions and create his own redemption. But before anything happens, or we see the result, it cuts to black and the story ends. It's pretty epic.

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