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Awesome / Hellstar Remina

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  • When the hobo thought to be dead, lifts a fucking building off of himself!
  • The planet Remina licks Earth, causing it to spin out of control. For some reason or another, the G-forces of this allow everyone on the planet to fly, and they all gang up to literally chase Remina (the girl) around the world. Awesome for the hobo for carrying Remina through all of this, awesome for the mob for their sheer, insane tenacity, and awesome for the writer because it's absolutely amazing and hilarious to behold.
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  • Although she only directly fights back a few times, the fact that Remina actually managed to survive the entire planet trying to kill her. She even manages to help a little with the four people they meet, and this is after she endured cold-blooded torture. The fact that the hobo and she stopped - after being hunted down and attacked over and over - to help four frightened people is also awesome.


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