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From Hellions #12

  • Mister Sinister is talking to Black Panther and Thor, only to be interrupted by Nanny:
    Mister Sinister: Geneticist is a good catch-all, but I'm really more of an artist. Or what are you guys? Kings? Gods? I'm pretty much those things too.
    Black Panther: Very...impressive.
    Mister Sinister: You're a doll.
    Nanny: Don't be modest, Essex.
    Mister Sinister: —OH, DEAR GOD.
    Nanny: Nathaniel is also an abductor, abuser, and murderer of children.
  • Thor and Black Panther quickly find a reason to be elsewhere. When Sinister asks Nanny if she plans on being that talkative all night, she says, "We do."
  • After getting drunk and seeing a fight break out, Nanny attempts to kill Mister Sinister by breaking her champagne glass and gutting him. "Judgment day, mother#@$%##!"


From X-Force #20:

  • Let it be said that Tony Stark is Crazy-Prepared as he has sunglasses outfitted with psychic blockers (said to be stronger than what was used against Red Skull back during AXIS) and rightfully pointing out that he is not letting the psychics on Krakoa get his wealth of info.
  • Deadpool and Wolverine are busy fighting and neither person is getting the upper hand. That is, until Domino decides to drop in on top of Deadpool and nails him with a flamethrower.


From Way of X #2

  • At the end of the comic, just as the Hellfire Gala begins, Legion and Nightcrawler have a little chat. Legion mentions one name that counts as both Awesome and Nightmare Fuel: Onslaught.

From Planet-Size X-Men #1

  • Led by Magneto, Omega-level mutants from both Krakoa and Arakko completely terraform Mars. This includes:
    • Magneto pulling iron meteors from the Kuiper Belt and crashing them into Mars and pushing them into Mars's core in order to increase the gravity and create a magnetosphere, which Mars previously did not have, and helps block out solar and cosmic radiation.
    • Iceman creates huge ice sheets in order to increase Mars' ice caps.
    • Sobunar of the Depths, an Arakki Omega-level mutant, contains an entire ocean ecosystem within them. When they release it on Mars, it quickly creates an entire ocean there, filled with Sobunar's children.
    • Xilo of the Broken Land, another Arakki mutant, can pass dirt and soil through his body. This allows Elixer to seed that soil with life itself, allowing the barren sands of Mars to suddenly be able to grow plants.
    • Storm, without the help of Hope, manages to create an entire atmosphere. "The climate is hers to control."
    • Lactuca the Knower, another Arakki mutant, has the ability know to know exactly where everything is. This allows Jean and Exodus to invert the External Gate and bring the entirety of Arakko to Mars.
    • The Hellas Planitia is transformed into Lake Hellas and the Lake Hellas Diplomatic Ring is created "where the Sol system hopes to end wars before they begin."
    • Jean plants an idea into Jamie Braddock's head and then he literally gives birth to S.W.O.R.D. Station Two, which then broadcasts this message:
    • Oh and it's implied that Storm is the "regent of Sol," i.e. the entire solar system's representative to the wider universe.
  • What makes it even more awesome is that they took a problem and turned it into the solution. When Arakko returned to Earth, it’s people’s warring nature became a threat as Arakkii mutants were going to other nations and starting fights. Magneto figured a way to solve this issue by moving Arakko to Mars, thus giving them their own planet to conquer and directing their animosity to anyone who dares to attack that area of the galaxy. In other words, they took a major threat to Earth and turned it into the Sol system's first line of defense.

From S.W.O.R.D. #6

    • Some context: Abigail Brand has gathered the Galactic Council together to show them the terraforming of Mars and explain to them that they can use the new element S.W.O.R.D. has discovered, Mysterium, as the new currency after the previous galactic currency failed in the wake of Empyre and King In Black, as long as they acknowledge Mars/Planet Arakko as the capital of Sol and the new Regent of Sol. Doctor Doom, however, intervenes and asks why should he care? Who dares speak for Sol above Doom himself? Doom demands to know "his name" when someone steps through the portal:
    Doctor Doom: Who rules your new planet? Tell me his name! Who is the king of Mars? Who would speak for Sol?
    Voice: know my name.
    [Storm steps through portal creating a storm above her]
    Storm: You have all heard it whispered. It is Wind-Rider. It is she-who-swam-with-Acanti. It is Hadari Yao. I am Storm—Regent of Mars—and I am the Voice of Sol!
  • The very next page shows that every government on the Galactic Council (bar the Intergalactic Empire of Wakanda) agreed to the terms of the deal.

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