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  • In Box Full Of Evil, he defeats Ualac by ripping off his newly grown horns and stabbing him with them.
  • Towards the end of "The Wolves of St. August", Hellboy has had enough of William Grenier's self-righteous justifications. When Will announces he is "much sinned against," Hellboy screams "I DON'T CARE IF YOU'RE A GOD-DAMNED FISH! YOU'RE GOING DOWN!" He's then thrown out of the room screaming "YOU HEAR ME?!" It's an amazing showing of just how far you have to push Hellboy before he starts beating things.
  • The Troll-witch: the troll-witch was raised alongside her beautiful human sister, and both loved each other. So when a troll takes the beautiful sister's head and replaces it with a cow's, the troll sister gets on a goat, takes a wooden spoon, goes to Trollheim and beats the shit out of the trolls. She doesn't manage to put the heads back again, but the spoon is so full of troll blood and the sound of their bones breaking that decades later, the trolls would rather stay outside as the sun rises than go near it.
  • In one of the side comics, the Baba Yaga is defeated by the man who will be known as Josef Stalin.
  • Hellboy refuses to become the King of England and defend his rightful realm. However The Lady of the Lake kept a spare King, George Washbrook, to whom Alice gives Excalibur in order to become King of England for a day. George calls the Knights of England forth and rejuvenates them with the Holy Grail, then leads his host to a final battle to defend England from Nimue's legions.
    War: The Dragon wants blood!
  • Hellboy's final fight. After all the weird monsters, the Eldritch Abominations, the mad sorcerers and mythological figures, what is his final battle? A motherfucking DRAGON. A manifestation of the Ogdru Jahad, he fights it, as it later turns out, atop Big Ben and kills it with a sword made from the Queen of Bloods hatred. If that isn't awesome, I don't know what is.
    • CMOA for the art, as well. I've seen dragons depicted many times over as cute, badass and what have you. This is the first one that looked terrifying
  • The conclusion to Hellboy In Hell has Hellboy fully tap into his terrible power to become an enormous demon capable of defeating Leviathan and Behemoth. He then allows the lower fiends to take revenge on what is left of the infernal aristocracy so he can free the captive souls of the underworld.
  • The Jaguar demon vs Wendigo fight. The Wendigo actually forces the Jaguar to feel fear.
  • Liz and the Black Flame's fight in Reign of the Black Flame counts as a moment in and of itself. It's akin to something out of a straight superhero story with both borderline Physical Gods throwing down and firing off epic Badass Boasts as they do it.
  • Varvara using the dagger that Hellboy used to kill Satan to unleash the imprisoned Titans of Hell so they can battle the Ogdru Jahad.
  • At the conclusion of B.P.R.D Hell on Earth, one of the Ogdru Jahad has fallen to Earth, and it quickly shows just why these beings are so feared: Liz, who is at this point a Physical God in all but name, can't even scratch it, the US military hits it with 8 nukes at once and doesn't kill it, Varvara releases the ancient Watcher Angels who created the Ogdru Jahad (and upon whose backs Hell is built) and - though they put up a good fight - they are destroyed. What ultimately saves the day? Johann Kraus, who is on the verge of becoming one with the universe/reaching enlightenment. He refuses to do so, and even though it burns out his soul, he instead takes the full power of the universe itself in hand to do something no one thought possible and kills the Ogdru Jahad dead while firing off one hell of a Badass Boast. A heroic sacrifice and "Did you just punch out Cthulhu" at its finest.
    Johann: Infinite Power. I ignite the suns, I turn the planets and the heavens and I break you!"
    • The build up is something in of itself. The Ogdru Jahad has taken everything the assorted heroes can throw at it, the Godzilla Threshold has been well and truly crossed and nothing is working. Kate and Panya are dead, Liz has taken the news badly and has hurled herslef into the Ogdru's path becoming a miniature sun, torching hundreds of Orgdu Hem at once then suddenly a hand touches her shoulder and she finds herself miles away with friends Johann's name on her lips while in the distance a wormhole opens above the Orgdu Jahad and cosmic power is brought to bear.
    • Even more impressive is how the confrontation plays out. In a earlier Breaking Speech the ghost of the Sledgehammer Armour's last pilot showed Johann a vision of what would happen if he fought the Orgdu Jahad directly ie the Sledgehammer armour would be destroyed by by the monsters Breath Attack and either Johann would be destroyed or left powerless to possess corpses Afterthe End. What actually happens: The Ordgu Jahad destroys the armor as predicted but Johann's spirit isn't phased having worked that he doesn't need the armour anymore. Que the Ordgu Jahad being being torn to screaming pieces and shattered throughout the cosmos while Johann goes out with a smile.
  • At the end of the last issue of The Devil You Know: Messiah, Liz Sherman and the other BPRD agents are at the ruins of the BPRD's Colorado headquarters, searching for Roger's grave due to a cryptic hint they got from Fenix. They locate the grave and open the coffin... and find Hellboy lying in it, alive and breathing. Yes, after seven years, Hellboy is back in the land of the living.

  • Hellboy saves a box full of kittens from a hellhound demon he's fighting in a subway station
  • Hellboy tears off his horns and proceeds to stab Rasputin with one. And after that, when he tells Liz Sherman what he said to bring her back to life: "Hey, you, on the other side — let her go. Because for her I will cross over, and then you'll be sorry."
    • To reiterate:
      *Hellboy tears off his horns, preventing the Ogdru Jahad from escaping*
      Rasputin: What have you done?
      Hellboy: I... *STAB* CHOSE.
    • And to further reiterate, he threatened all the powers of Hell itself into letting Liz go... and they did.
  • John Myers gets one during that scene. After being a bystander for most of the film, he's ultimately the one who derails Rasputin's plan by persuading Hellboy to chose his own path. He also axe kicks The Dragon in the face.
    RASPUTIN: Open the final lock.
    [Hellboy moves to insert his stone hand into the second lock, when-]
    MEYERS: Remember who you are!
    [Hellboy lifts his head, and pulls back from the key hole. He turns, and Meyers throws Professor Bruttenholm's rosary, which Hellboy catches briefly before dropping it into the snow. It's left a burn in the shape of a cross. He looks at it, suddenly lost in thought. Meanwhile, Ilsa tries to hit Meyers with her hammer again, but he trips her and knocks her out with a kick. Rasputin approaches Hellboy.]
    RASPUTIN: Believe me, I have lived long enough to know! Not a tear will be shed for this world!
    [Meyers, now standing, too, approaches.]
    MEYERS: You have a choice! Your father gave you that!
    RASPUTIN: No, you don't! [points at the keystone angrily] Now, open it!
    [Hellboy doesn't move.]
    RASPUTIN: Do it!
    [Without hesitation, Hellboy reaches up and rips off his newly-regrown horns and sighs in relief. Above them, the pillar of flame reaching to the Ogdru Jhad falters and goes out, and the beast lets out a bellowing roar of rage before it vanishes and the portal through the eclipse closes.]
  • Liz: "You should be running."
  • Hellboy is (apparently) at Kroenen's mercy, until Manning throws a cog at the Nazi, distracting him long enough to let Hellboy pull him into the spike pit. Then he drops a giant machine cog on him. And Manning adds insult to injury by dropping the rest of his smaller cogs on him as well. Then he teaches Hellboy the proper way to light a cigar.
  • Prof. Bruttenholm's final scene is a crowning moment of awesome-stoicism. Confronted by Kroenen, Rasputin, and the certainty of a very stabby death, he faces it like a man, faith never wavering.
  • Hellboy beating the ever loving shit out of Kroenen in their final battle. "You killed my father! Your ass is MINE!"
  • Kroenen himself. Especially in the first scene when he shoots his gun eight times, using up all the bullets, and then pops his knives out of his sleeves and kills a whole lot more of them.
    • Also when he is about to be overwhelmed by guards facing him with guns, after losing his hand in the first scene, and kills them all.
  • A minor one: Hellboy saving Myers from being hit by a car. "Red means STOP!"
  • Meyers shooting Sammael, forcing it to back off of Hellboy.
  • Hellboy II: The Golden Army has Johann Krauss who beats the living shit out of Hellboy by using ectoplasmic win plus locker doors. Later on, when the Golden Army awakens, Krauss takes control of one of the soldiers and starts mauling the rest of them in a spectacular case of Color-Coded for Your Convenience.
    • To say nothing of his final words to Manning at the end of the movie when he, Hellboy, and the others quit the BPRD. He may not have actually had what he told him to... er, suck, but it was awesome nonetheless, especially considering what a wet blanket he'd been for much of the film.
    "Dr. Manning, suck my ectoplasmic schwanstüker.
    • Pretty much any moment when Prince Nuada had a weapon in his hand and was cutting someone with it also qualifies.
    • Also worth mentioning is Hellboy and Abe's drunken duet, followed shortly by a duel between Hellboy and Nuada, where Hellboy successfully fends him off while still stone drunk.
      • Also, Abe managing to briefly delay Wink from capturing Nuala. Okay, not that impressive in the grand scale of things — it was only brief, and Abe's fighting style consisted of not being where ever Wink was punching at the time, but when you're the teams resident Non-Action Guy, going up against The Brute mano a mano (er, fish-mano a demon-cyborg-mano) and not getting immediately beaten to death is pretty badass.
      • Followed by Hellboy's Big Damn Heroes moment.
  • It should be given to him, Nuada dominates both fights he has with Hellboy. It's only a trick that allows Hellboy to get close to him in the second.
  • In The Golden Army, Liz tells the Angel of Death to its face that she wants him to bring Hellboy back to life, even if he'll end up destroying the world.
  • The entire Troll Market is a CMOA for del Toro. A bonus feature on the DVD has him explaining some of the ideas that went into it, many of which are only given a few seconds' camera focus and no explanation, but it is a truly glorious trip into his imagination.
  • Kroenen is chillingly creepy. Props to the actor (and costumers?) for making a Nazi clockwork zombie ninja wearing masks that can't give dynamic expression feel like pure evil instead of narm. As a stuntman who had played a minor role in the Goosebumps movie said when recommended this as something to hone his acting technique for face-concealing costumes: "Like the Nutcracker gone bad.".

  • When Guillermo del Toro met with Mike Mignola, the creator of Hellboy, to discuss who should play the character in the movie, they both said "Ron Perlman" at the same time.
  • Many of the first film's creatures, such as Ivan the corpse, were voiced by none other than Guillermo del Toro himself.
  • Guillermo del Toro has said that the studios wanted to make many unnecessary and derivative changes to the character of Hellboy (for instance, having him be a normal man who becomes Hellboy when he's angry) and del Toro vetoed every single attempt.


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