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Awesome / Hardcore Leveling Warrior

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  • Episode 165. Through a combination of Lucky Skill and Dark's Reverse ability, HLW is returned to his Number 1 Status for an hour. The following fight that takes place, well, Curb-Stomp Battle doesn't even begin to describe the ass kicking that takes place. Hardcore Leveling Warrior shows that he was number one for a god damn reason.
    • Vice President Light has been built up to be a monumental threat through the entire arc. Hardcore Leveling Warrior sends him into critical levels with a flick of his finger
    • The other members of his team are no slouches either, threats of their own caliber. Hardcore Leveling Warrior takes them all down in less than 15 seconds.
    • Light, in his rage, accesses his One-Winged Angel form of Nightmare. Hardcore Leveling Warrior barely breaks a sweat taking HIM down too.