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Admiral Pellaeon

  • His use of a modified A-Wing Slash against pirates posing as Garm Bel Iblis (who invented the tactic) in Specters of the Past to prove that they are impostors (and blow away the attackers in the process) counts as one.
    • To elaborate, the conspirators were careful to plan the attack so that it would be blamed on Bel Iblis, without making it too obvious, and made sure to use pirate mercenaries so it wouldn't be traced back to them. And for all their planning, Pellaeon saw through their ruse in minutes.
  • As does his Big Damn Heroes moment in Visions of the Future when he confronts Disra, Flim and Tierce and to wrest control of the imperial forces at Yaga Minor from them. All the more so when he gives Tierce a "The Reason You Suck" Speech in which he proves once and for all that he understood Thrawn better than even Thrawn's own (partial) clone.


  • Luke and Mara: They Do
  • At the end of Specter of the Past, Lando tries to escape an Imperial tractor beam by the same means Luke did ten years earlier in The Thrawn Trilogy. At the time, Thrawn promoted rather than punished the tractor beam operator in question because he had tried an innovative solution to try and beat the trick, even though it failed, and Thrawn then ordered him to work on it some more. Now when Lando tries it, the Imperials do have a way to stop it, proving that Thrawn's command style is superior to the Empire's usual You Have Failed Me one.
    • At the end of Vision of the Future, the Millennium Falcon and another freighter are caught in the tractor beam of a Star Destroyer. The same trick Luke employed ten years earlier - the Covert Shroud - seems like the only choice, but they know from Lando's experience that it won't work. At least, it wouldn't work against most pilots. Suddenly the other freighter explodes and - instead of a single fighter emerging like Luke's own tactic - a dozen TIE Interceptors burst out, each one piloted by a clone of Soontir Fel, the greatest pilot in Imperial history. Suddenly the seemingly-prepared tractor beam operators are overwhelmed and they manage to free the Falcon and take the Star Destroyer out of its cloaking field. This is reminiscent of Thrawn's tactic ten years prior of docking TIE fighters and mole miners in a cloaked freighter.
      To further drive the point home, the sleeper cell of clones had been intended by Thrawn to protect against all manner of unforeseen threats - the fact that the threat in question was using Thrawn's own tactics is icing on the cake.
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  • Though we don't get to see very much of them, Voss Parck, Baron Fel, and the Chiss of Thrawn's Empire of the Hand have quite a few awesome moments. They are well trained, disciplined, and very cunning. Notable is the fact that with all of the trouble they give Luke and Mara, they aren't even trying to kill them. Parck in particular shows just why he became a full admiral while essentially being sent with Thrawn into exile in the Unknown Regions.
    Parck: Easy, Stent. One of Mara Jade's most insidious weapons is her talent for irritating people. Irritated people don't think clearly, you see.
    Mara frowned. Most of her targets didn't figure that one out nearly so fast. The slower ones never figured it out at all.

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