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Awesome / Halloween H20: Twenty Years Later

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  • Laurie finally grows a pair and decides to take on Michael head on. The whole fight was one-sided...with Michael on the defensive; He gets an axe and a spear slammed into his chest, a stick thrown at his head, gets stabbed several times, is knocked off a balcony and gets kneed in the groin. You could clearly see that he was both surprised and shocked by Laurie's ferocity. It then gets followed up by her forcibly trying to head off the Sequel Hook by hijacking an ambulance, pulling out the injured Michael, and decapitating him. James Rolfe claims that the theater at his showing was cheering.
    • It's also why the fans don't accept Resurrection as being canonical, since letting Laurie finally kill Michael in this film is a pretty awesome ending, and well deserved.
    • Just the scene where Laurie decides "no more running." She sends the kids off, closes the gate, smashes the lock, breaks out a fire axe...and the old ''Halloween'' theme kicks in.
      Laurie: MICHAEL!
    • Also, if the audience catches it, this essentially makes the classroom scene early on more awesome as Molly's response clearly has Laurie pause in a moment of reflection, and it comes back to mind when she realizes at the gate that she can't run any longer and has to actually "face her monster" like Molly said Victor should have done to prevent any more loss of his loved ones.
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  • Nurse Chambers manages to hold off Michael pretty well with a poker, but he still manages to slice her neck open when she tries to call for help.
  • When Michael attacks John and Molly, John tries to hold off Michael by throwing a few good punches. When Michael stabs John in the leg, Molly grabs a rock and bashes it upside Michael's head so they can get away.