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  • Eugene fighting the plant area boss immediately after the Transition. Not only is he unshaken, he keeps his soldiers in line with the force of his personality. Then he kills the boss while grievously injured.
  • Sakuya and Alicia taking charge in Arrun, but especially Lady Sakuya. In an instant they become the leaders of real world city states. Other Fae capitals fell into riots that included fatalities but these two not only keep the peace in their city but negotiated with the country they plopped into. As Genghis Khan said,Conquering the world on horseback is easy. It is dismounting and governing that is hard.
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  • Kino's quick thinking in York. After Caramela is exposed as an "elf", the city guards close in and ready for some purification. Kino jumps into action by creating a trail of gunpower at the docks and it makes this huge explosion. The civilians go nuts and overrun the city guard. This is the distraction Kino uses to get himself and Millia to safety. What's more impressive is that he noticed the gunpowder earlier while walking down the street and filed it away incase it was necessary.
  • Asuna when she kills two dragons and she does it with just her sword. She doesn't know how to use magic or even her wings.
  • Louise kills Lhamthanc the Steel Toothed with a giant explosion while free falling toward its gaping mouth.
  • Asuna and Kirito's reunion is a succession of these.
    • Asuna evades a Reconquista search net for an entire night. Just when she's finally cornered...
    • Kirito follows that one up by turning into Gleam Eyes and punching a hole through Reconquista's defense lines around Newcastle.
    • Just when they finally seem to be home free, Dunwell shows up to block their path. Cue a team attack from Caramella and Asuna to punch a hole through him, complete with Asuna finally getting her wings to work properly for the first time.
  • Operation Dunkirk hangs on having accurate, up-to-date intelligence on the rebel force's disposition, but the royals have none. Cue Guiche reciting a whole litany of info. Turns out he though it could be important.
  • Caramella's final takedown of Zombie!Arguile by impaling him with his own sword, and then having a nearby fire mage incinerate him.
  • Kirito, Asuna, and Klein's battle against Wardes. Kirito thinks of him as equivalent to a floor boss from Aincrad, and he is fully deserving of this comparison. He has Lightning magic that no one else in the battle possess, he has Elite Mooks for minions, and can create as many as ten magical wind clones of himself. What's worse, he's not a programed monster but a real veteran of countless battles. All alone and stuck on the ground, he still defeats all three of them with skillful misdirection and flawless aim. It's implied that only Kirito's New Game+ bonus enabled him to power through a 3x powered lightning spell, and even then it's a near thing. The trio are all in really bad shape after his Disney Villain Death.
  • Karin, using her signature spell, completely obliterates two battleships and a frigate while heavily damaging two more battleships and swatting four Dragon Knights out of the sky. Then, for an encore, it knocks the rest of the enemy fleet out of formation so it can't defend itself against the incoming Tristanian fleet. Heavy Wind indeed.
    • In fact, between them, Karin and Morgiana display so much awesome at Dunkirk that Eugene duplicating Asuna's feat of two solo dragon kills in a single battle can easily be missed.
  • During the debates, just when it seems as though Ryo is about to turn the whole thing into a personal soapbox for his half-baked demagoguery. Sakuya simply stands up, asks him what he wants and undermines his lone source of leverage by promising elections.
  • Regin showing off his right cross in order to shut Ryo up.
  • Sakuya expertly handling the arrest of Ryo and the ABC guild on Vadalism charges while telling Lord Justice Richmond to mind his own business. Followed by Henrietta doing the same. In doing so, they both foil Richmond's attempt to use the incident as a pretext to meddle in Fae affairs.
  • "I am a noble. I am a Vallière. I have never been too young to sacrifice!" So says Louise as she takes up a guarding stance, with a Koko's knife, in dead-end street, against several adult mages, in defense of a poisoned and barely conscious Koko.
    • Following this Koko's reveals a lunacy themed shapeshifting power. It is terrifying to behold.
  • Botan gets an Off Screen Moment Of Awesome when bleeding from several glass cuts and suffering from near suffocation, she defeats a large bird that tried to eat her. We don't see what happens, only that she stumbled into her allies' camp, hoisting a large feather as a Battle Trophy.
  • Morgiana's Assassin duel with Rip Jack in the second arc
  • Midori and Guiche's entire pursuit of Clone Mortimer in the end of the second arc. The two of them recreate Unlimited Blade Works to defeat a building-sized stone golem.
  • Louise going all out and casting Fae Magic. in the second arc.
    • The whole pursuit is made of gut-wrenching suspense and 100% pure awesomesauce.
  • The Assault on La Forace Prison is extended demonstration on how well the Tristian military and their Fae allies have learned to work together. The poor Reconquista saps never knew what hit them.
  • HalO v2.0 Chapter 12. Specifically:
    • Kirito's fight with Cerberus which is a gruesome Kaiju-battle.
    • Karin duking it out with six triangle mages and Heathcliff. Even suffering from poison smoke she succeeds in killing several of the former. Heathcliff with sword and tower shield is able to match her.
    • Yui hacking the system to transform into a Maeve and making a Dynamic Entry Last Second Save.
    • Yui's fight with Heathcliff. Not only does she hold her own but she has to split her attention with continuous computer-magic to maintain her god-mode.
  • The entirety of the running battle between the Shiori, Sheffield, Isabella, Wells, and Wells' knights.
  • The Djinni coming to the battle with several bosses and just plowing through the hordes of monsters on the beach.
  • Asuna, after an exhausting (and vicious) showdown with Octavia in her magic Kaiju mermaid form follows up by joining Kirito in a dual attack on the Abyssal Queen's Achilles' Heel.
  • Matilda dueling the Reconquista mages below decks on the Sabrina is full of win. She starts by playing Pong with an opposing Wind mage, and ends by lassoing an enemy gunboat.

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