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  • A couple in Katawa Crash include getting the (very rare) Unlimited Drill Works on camera, triggering Thurman Thomas's cameo while on fire, and getting Barack Obama's cameo three times in one video after failing to get it even once in all of the previous videos.
  • When first recording the final bonus level of Kickle Cubicle, it took him over a half hour to complete the level after many, many failures. During the re-recording after the first was lost, he beat it on the first try.
  • In Breath of Fire II he delivers a full speech outlining all of his reasons why that incarnation of Nina is his all-time favorite video game heroine. It boils down to her being the first character that led him to completely change his viewpoint of fictional people and learn how to see them as people rather than characters, especially when they're as well-developed as she is. He also remarks that few characters, before or since, have been as well-developed as her using the Show, Don't Tell method.
    • While the idea came about as an ad-libbed Bread, Eggs, Breaded Eggs line, the concept of "Killer ninja robots on flying machines" is too cool to not mention, even though examples already exist.
    • In the first recording of the Breath of Fire II finale it was most appropriate for Ryu to get the finishing blow on the final boss with a critical hit.
  • When Marisa quotes the infamous "What are we fighting for?!" line in Return of Touhou Mother Dyne manages to shout out the line and hold it for 15 seconds (also without knowing it was coming and getting the chance to take a breath).
  • The Super Metroid 100% Completion Speed Run has several, despite having to backtrack at one point and taking much longer to defeat Kraid. But when he said, "We're going to do it right this time!" he meant it:
    • Escaping Ceres Colony with over 40 seconds left on the clock for the first time ever for him.
    • Not letting Crocomire gain any ground back.
    • Defeating Phantoon with a super missile (despite by accident) and preventing its counter-attack.
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    • Pulling off some tricky maneuvers and wall jumps on the first try and never really needing more than 2-3 for all of them.
    • Pulling off both shine spark shortcuts during the final escape sequence on the first try and escaping with over half the allotted time left even after rescuing the friendly animals.
    • Had estimated the entire run to take 3 hours and pulling it off in 2.5 instead.
  • Taking down That One Boss in Illusion of Gaia without healing and only a single hit point remaining.
    • Doing so again in the rematch fight against the same boss at the end of the game (though it was one single hit left instead of 1 HP).
    • After several failures against the Bonus Boss of the same game and using up all of his herbs he resets the battle, declares, "Round two, freak!" and wins the rematch on the first try with only taking two hits.
  • It took him three practice runs, mastery of split-second timing and the most editing done in a single video up to that point, but taking a fully orchestrated, live-performance version of the opera from Final Fantasy VI and laying it over the game audio for nearly 75% of the event with the singers matching up almost perfectly and (relatively) smooth transitions definitely counts.
    • Completely curb-stomping the battles that make for the first major difficulty spike in the Eternal Crystals hack thanks to Tarza/Gau.
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    • Combined in his and GoldGleeGamer1's Let's Play of FF6 he does one of the best portrayals of Kefka this troper's ever seen!
  • A couple from his first Mario Kart 8 stream: Taking a blue shell in Toad's Harbor, recovering right on top of a dash ramp, and bouncing off the top of a nearby trolley. And landing a bank shot with a green shell to KO the racer in front of him right in front of the finish line on Donut Plains 3.
  • Pulling off a No Death Run of Duck Tales: Remastered, especially after the initial plan for it to be a rather nonchalant run and not aiming for that at first.
  • Everyone in the Mega Man 4 race gets a few achievements for pulling off some awesome tricks but, over the course of the whole race, the entire group is never more than a couple of minutes apart from each other.
    • The time difference between 1st and 4th place finishing the final boss? 3:56. Not bad for a group that doesn't claim to be pros.
  • The Super Metroid race isn't as close but every boss and mini-boss in the game had at least two people fighting it at the same time throughout the whole race.
    • There's a brief moment early in Part 1 where Dyne and PsychoticRanboob's characters are in exact sync for about 5 seconds.
  • After talking about how the World 2 boss of Mischief Makers always gave him the most trouble in collecting the Gold gem from it (by defeating it without taking a hit) he manages to do it on the first try when attempting it in Part 7.
    • Going back to his first attempt at the final boss, he manages to finish it off with just a sliver of health remaining. Then, in the rematch for its Gold Gem, he gets it on the first try too.
  • Winning the Neptunia mk2 race rather handily despite having the least amount of experience with the game.
    • Repeated with the Neptunia Victory race despite having to re-do Chapter 5 and losing over 10 minutes.
  • In a Call-Back to fighting it as the Bonus Boss in Illusion of Gaia, he fights the Metal Mantis in Soul Blazer, dies to it and then delivers a near curb stomp against it in the rematch.
  • In his Runbow stream he shows some real chops in the game by completing several levels in Adventure Mode and earning 3 medals on his first try and without dying. Lampshaded on the penultimate level as he mentions wishing that was the final one because it would have been a really cool way to end the stream.

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