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Awesome / Guilty Sparks

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  • From the first chapter, Liara joins the fight with her Shadow Broker soldiers and shows just how much she's grown as a warrior, utterly destroying a half-dozen Sangheili and Unggoy with her biotics.
  • "War of the Dead" has Master Chief bearing witness (and participating in) firefights between The Flood and Reaper Husks, who both put up an admirable fight against one another despite both parties being Eldritch Omnicidal Maniacs.
  • The final part of the story is awesome all around:
    • A team consisting of Shepherd, Zek, Miranda, Tali, Legion, Mordin, Varvok and the Master Chief battle against the various forces in the Pillar of Autumn to destroy Halo.
    • Garrus, Linda, McKay, Buck, Romeo, Dutch and Johnson work to stop Silva from using the Truth and Reconciliation to escape Halo, in order to stop the flood from escaping.
    • Everyone else, meanwhile, assaults a Covenant Corvette to ensure that the rest of the humans, jackals, and batarians have a way off Halo.
    • All of the above can be summarized with two words: Everbody Lives.

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