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Awesome / Guilty Crown: The Lost Kingdoms

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In a meta-example, it is a crossover retelling of Guilty Crown with the Puella Magical girls as guests.

  • Just like in the first two episodes, Chapter 1 shows a great deal of Shu using the Void Genome for the first time. Not only that, but Shu is willing to join Funeral Parlor unlike in the original show.
  • In Chapter 2, Shu combines Inori, Mami and Kenji's voids to destroy the Leukocyte satellite.
  • Chapter 3 shows Funeral Parlor and the Magical Girls are heading to Asgard. Madoka and her friends have become Valkyries while Funeral Parlor have the ability to become warriors with Asgardian weapons.
    • What's better is that they have the chance to help the Valkyries against Jotunheim. Specific examples goes to Shu/Gai/Madoka vs Loki/Fenrir/Jormungard and Valkyrie Brunhilde vs Mist.
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    • MetalSeadramon's appearance as Brunhilde's partner helps.
  • Chapter 4 demonstrates that Shu shows to save everyone at the airport besides only Inori.
    • There is also the first battle between four of the Magical Girls and their Witch counterparts.
  • Chapter 5. After the revelation of Shu's past, he and Gai team up to thwarted Yuu's plans. Inori also get an active part in fighting as well.
  • Chapter 7 sees Shu makes his return with the Void Genome to save his friends from Segai like in Episode 19.
    • At one point before this, Homura considers of wanting to use the Void Genome. Can you imagine what happen if a magical girl injects with a genetic tonic?
  • The final chapter has moments for the heroes to stop GHQ/Da'ath.
    • Homura/Sayaka/Kyoko/Mami vs Witches and Walpurgis Night
    • Ayase/Argo/Oogumo/Shibungi vs Witches
    • Shu/Madoka vs Yuu/Kriemhild
    • Shu/Ultimate Madoka vs Gai/Apocalypse Mana. It climaxes where Inori shows up and becomes Genesis Inori to finish off Apocalypse Mana.

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