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  • Kind of a minor one, but during the Deadpool/GLI: Summer Fun Spectacular, the team was trying to get Deadpool out of the house and it came down to Flatman to do it (since Squirrel Girl was off trying to fix Speedball's emo-ness in the aftermath of the Civil War event). In a stunning display of Weak, but Skilled, Val demonstrates he's learned to use his powers to create his own form of martial arts: Origami-Fu! It's exactly what it sounds like, folding himself into animal shapes to fight his opponents. It manages to keep Deadpool on his toes for a good portion of the fight, until he tricks Val into shaping himself into a boat and staples him in place so he can't unfold without seriously hurting himself. Good effort though.
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  • Mr. Immortal's victory over Maelstrom, the only entitity who could probably kill him, at the end of the GLA miniseries: A literal case of Talking the Monster to Death, pointing out that once Maelstrom destroys the universe, he'll be the only one left. This convinces Maelstrom to kill himself, with Immortal going first as a show of good faith. Once Maelstrom's dead, Immortal comes back and shuts off the machine, saving the universe with nothing more than his power and his knowledge of where it leads.
  • Squirrel Girl effortlessly tossing Deadpool out of the GLI's HQ.
  • Squirrel Girl tearing apart Speedball's reasons to be Penace. While it fails to get him out of it, all of her reasons are entirely valid and on point and serve as a massive Take That! to the entire Penace arc of the character.
  • Squirrel Girl and Big Bertha's Take That!, towards how comics in the modern age use rape, as well as the objectification of super women in the opening of issue #3.
    • From the same ish, Monkey Joe taking a MASSIVE take that at the fact that Big Bertha having to throw up to change back to her supermodel form was originally played for laughs.
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  • In the 2016 series, the new member Good Boy beating up a villain that smashes up her neighborhood, and going out to attack local politician Dick Snerd, for defending the villains actions.
  • Flatman slingshoting Doorman and Mr. Immortal into the now gigantic Doctor Nod, so as to punch him in the heart, killing him.


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