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  • His JLA and Seven Soldiers are particularly replete with these. Final Crisis has a good number as well.
    • In particular, his final arc of JLA is a non-stop series of Crowning Moments of Awesome.
  • Being awarded an MBE for services to film and literature.
  • That moment from All-Star Superman. You know the one. Numerous people have admitted over the years that this page has made them reconsider suicide, and look for proper help. Grant, and Superman, have helped real people when they needed it most.
    • Give Grant Morrison a huge helping of awesome and respect points for being able to convey the pure spirit of Superman in only one frigging page (with only a few words of dialogue mind you) better than most writers have done for several years!
    • Hell let's give another a round of applause for doing something that up until that point people thought was impossible. Give them a Superman that was stupidly overpowered (Morrison went as far as to remove his weakness to Kryptonite) and make a compelling story about him. Before All-Star Superman everyone thought that it would be impossible to write Superman with his absurd strengths and feats.... but Grant only saw this as a mere challenge. What became of it? Why, what many consider to be THE BEST Superman story in years.
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  • In a meta sense-being the one to finally give Wonder Woman a female love interest in Wonder Woman Earth One an actual DC published, not fanfiction comic. Way overdue, and shouldn't be in an alternate universe, but he did it. Wonder Woman is officially bi.

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