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"Three Leaf Clover": One of the most popular missions in the whole series, and for good reason.

It's a Grand Theft Auto game. If you weren't expecting some of these, then you're playing the wrong game.

  • "You were the stupid one, Vladdy Boy. Nobody fucks with my family."
  • If you can get your hands on one, the vehicles used by NOOSE are a valuable asset to any player's collection. Take the Enforcer (a souped-up version of the game's bank van, the Securicar) and try breaking through a roadblock made out of regular police cruisers. You'll send them all flying!
  • The entire "Three Leaf Clover" mission. It's like playing the bank heist in Heat.
    • Extremely positive player feedback from this mission led Rockstar to build Grand Theft Auto V's storyline around a series of heists just like this one.
  • How about "Hostile Negotiation"? Now there's a mission that shows how much of a One-Man Army Niko is. And it'll just get better (or worse, depending on your point of view) from there.
    • To add to "Hostile Negotiation", if you call Dimitri after getting his text, Niko furiously tells him that he'll cut off his face and hang it on his wall to remind himself of what a "lying, cheating, treacherous scumbag" looks like. Noticeably, Dimitri doesn't say anything in return.
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    • Though A Revenger's Tragedy/Out of Commission tops that with Niko going through a small army of Mooks then using a boat/dirtbike to chase down Dimitri/Pegorino in their vehicle, before Little Jacob (and Roman) arrive in an attack helicopter and the chase ends on Happiness Island, where you dodge the cops and shoot the bad guys before full on attacking the big bad in one awesome manner.
  • May double as a "Funny" Crowner, but when Niko is captured, bound, and being threatened by a gun-toting maniac, he keeps his cool and manages to make wise-cracks. This ENDEARS HIM to his captor's boss!
    Faustin: So, Niko Bellic. You think it's okay to kill my employees?
    Niko: If he is an asshole, yes.
    [Faustin turns to Andrei and shoots him in the head; Roman tries to scream through the gag]
    Faustin: I agree!
  • Whilst driving around Liberty City, take a detour and locate one of the city's many playparks. Drive into it, and ram the swings as hard as you can.
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  • "Museum Piece," the one mission in the entire IV Trilogy that all three characters, Niko, Johnny and Luis get together to work against each other, yet ruin the fuck out of the Jewish Mafia, some Italian gangsters and an entire museum filled with antiques. And it is awesome. Playing as Johnny in The Lost and Damned and reaching the stairs where Niko has killed an abnormally large amount of mobsters at the foot of the staircase, he states this gem, essentially summarizing Niko:
    Johnny: Damn. That's one dangerous Slavic fucker!
  • "A Dish Served Cold", which is the mission you get if you pick the Revenge option in "One Last Thing". There's something immensely satisfying about staging a one-man assault on the very ship that Niko arrived at Liberty City in, and eventually killing Dimitri within its bowels. Niko states it best: "I should have put you out of your misery a long time ago. Goodbye, Dimitri."
  • While it's a little less over-the-top than most of these examples, "The Holland Play" proves to be a very fulfilling mission should you choose to kill Playboy X. The look of fear on his face as you tear through his mooks, chase him across the rooftops, and finally gun him down in an alley is just as satisfying a reward as getting Playboy's apartment and access to Dwayne as a friend.
  • IRL, so far Grand Theft Auto IV has universal positive reviews with a 10.0 (masterpiece) score.


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