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  • When Firebug is confronted with the knowledge that the detectives have figured out who he is, and have physical evidence to back up their deductions, he activates the hidden flamethrower up his sleeve. However, instead of killing Detective Marcus Driver he is submerged in a sudden spray of foam, and the next panel is of Detective Romy Chandler standing there holding a fire extinguisher and glaring at him. Next, Driver smirks and tells him that "I can't tell you how much I was hoping you'd try that..." The last panel of the page is a close-up of Firebug's face.
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  • Though it ultimately ended up causing more harm than good, seeing Renee beating the crap out of Corrigan in a fistfight was very satisfying.
  • Josie Mac's bargain with Simon Lippman during the Catwoman case: saying she knows he can't betray his source (who she suspects is the killer, and one of the victims employees) but asks him if he could get some coffee if it was a man, or keep typing if it's a woman, which Lippman agrees to.
  • Driver's bitter Breaking Speech during the trial of Mr. Freeze about how what Freeze did was evil, psychological problems or not, and that by sending him to Arkham the courts will just ensure that he'll escape and start the whole process over again.
  • Batman frightening Dunning into confessing to the Dead Robin murders.
  • Batman's standoff with Commissioner Akins after Akins has the Bat Signal broken and declares him an outlaw in Lights Out is this for both of them.
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  • Poison Ivy's revenge (and the accompany "Reason You Suck" Speech) on the Dirty Cops who killed one of the orphans she'd been raising.
  • How Joelly Bartlett cracks the poisoning case in Life is Full of Disappointments through a Sherlock Scan of the victim's workplace.
  • Nate Patton's Heroic Sacrifice.
  • The sheer scope and impressive covering of every angle in the manhunt for Mr. Freeze after he killed Charlie Fields, and the fact that, despite the detectives determination to crack the case on their own, without Batman, they aren't too proud to tip him off when they realize that Freeze will be targeting an event with a high potential for civilian casualties.

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