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Awesome / Gory Toons
aka: Battle Of The Multiverse

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  • In "Zombodie Told Me", Cuddles drinks a vat containing toxic waste and transforms into a sadistic zombie who murders innocent Toons nearby. How does his malevolent rampage get thwarted? By Lumpy sneaking behind Cuddles and whacking him with a wooden club.
  • While Pop reacted disproportionately to some extent, seeing him enact revenge against Sonic for killing his own son and building an entire brick wall just to avenge Cub in "You're Too Slow!" is morbidly sweet.
  • Linda had Took a Level in Badass in "Road Rage". In previous episodes, she was nothing more than Butters Stotch's mother. Fast forward to this episode, her physical strength had seemingly uplifted itself. To give an example, the episode starts off by her aggressive side emerging thanks to Eric Cartman and Wario's Jerkass actions, to the point where she hopped out of her car, ran into traffic, faces Wario personally, and strangled him with her two bare hands. This newfound temperament was enough to frighten even Stephen Stotch.
  • Splendid does something competent for a change in "Splendid What Mondon't", where he successfully defends Liane Cartman from Lifty and Shifty. Sure, he ends up killing her as well, but Splendid doing a task properly without screwing up was pretty neat. He gets additional points for how he dealt with Lifty - by picking up a Gordo and throwing it at him, knocking out several other Mooks like bowling pins in the process.
  • Any time Kirby gets back at everyone and the world for tormenting him brutally.
    • Given that Kirby is the usual victim of the careless Toons and their Crapsack World, it was a fair breather seeing him as the villain this time around in "The power of supernova".
    • In "Krabby Klash", not only does Kirby manage to outsmart and defeat the bloodthirsty Mr. Krabs, but he manages to survive this episode. He remains completely unharmed and everything.

Alternative Title(s): Battle Of The Multiverse