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  • Shortly after Vader's debut in the then-WWF, Monsoon, in his on camera role as Commissioner, came down to halt Vader's post match beatdown of a referee on an episode of Monday Night Raw. Vader advanced threateningly on Monsoon...who proceeded to back Vader up into the corner of the ring. The crowd went berserk at this, especially when Vader tried it again, only to have Gorilla chop him back into the corner again!
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  • When Monsoon finally gave gadfly Bobby Heenan his comeuppance (kayfabe). He came down to the commentary table, told Bobby he was fired, physically dragged him through the back and then quite literally threw him out of the arena. Turns out it was entirely Heenan's idea, believing it would be the perfect way to end their on-camera rivalry. Once the cameras stopped taping, the two men embraced and said their goodbyes.

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