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The books — in general:

  • Tim Jacobus' cover art. Seriously, what do you think was the real reason kids bought these books? For the engaging, well-written stories?

Individual books:

    Original series 


     Goosebumps Series 2000 

    Spinoff series 

     Goosebumps: Most Wanted 

    Goosebumps SlappyWorld 

Spinoff media:

    The Series 

  • The end of "More Monster Blood" sees the authorities arrive to contain the titular slime at the end. Some serious fresh air for a series infamous for adults being useless.
    • Furthermore, the Monster Blood saga is ended early, before it can outstay its welcome. Conan makes friends with the heroes, and Evan leaves on a heroic and far more dignified note than his book counterpart ever managed. Mostly.

    The Movie 

  • The various monsters from the books showing up in the new movie trailer. Admit it, you felt like a kid again.
  • While iconic to the franchise, Slappy has always been more of a sadistic bully than a real threat on a larger scale. That was changed here.
  • Several of Tim Jacobus' covers coming to life in the credits.
    • Before seeing the film in theaters Jacobus, he didn't know his old art would make an appearance, so he was pleasantly surprised to watch it be brought to life.
  • Slappy makes one final attack on Stine as he is sucked into the new book with the other monsters. Stine proceeds to pull him off and kick the runt into the air and into the book.
    • Cue hundreds of 90's kids with vivid memories of Slappy haunting their nightmares cheering.
    Slappy: Slappy's not happy!
    Stine: Neither is Stine, you stupid dummy! (kicks Slappy away)
    • Also, who's the one to open the new book? Hannah. To clarify, Hannah was one of the monsters that Stine kept around due to his loneliness. Before Zach plans to open the book, he wanted to tell her about this. But she knew the whole time. And she opened the book anyway knowing that she will be stuck with no way of escaping. Talk about a Heroic Sacrifice!
  • In order to escape from the monster army besieging the school, Zack sends out a decoy bus, which turns out to be rigged with explosives. The monsters realize this just in time to be blown to kingdom come.
  • After acting cowardly for the whole film, Champ fights off a werewolf by jumping on its back and biting it, the silver in his fillings injuring it enough that it runs away.

    The Comics 

  • In Monsters at Midnight, Mia throwing her crutch at the fake Grams, proclaiming that she won't be afraid anymore.
  • Mitra in Download and Die has a crush on a girl named Weather, making her the franchise's very first LGBT character.


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