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Awesome / Good Bye, Lenin!

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  • The amazing "Flying Lenin Scene": After awaking from a long coma and her children keeping the end of communism a secret from her, a loyal socialist woman leaves her apartment for the first time to find a world that's very different from what she had known all her life. As she starts to realize that something is really wrong, a helicopter comes flying by, carrying away a giant dismantled Lenin statue that seems to stretch out its arm to her for one last time, before disappearing into the sunset. It's even more amazing to watch in a theater with the music and noise of the helicopter drowning out everything else. Clearly one of the greatest achievements of German cinema in the last decades.

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  • Props have to be given to Alex and Ariane for the effort they put into their ruse - furniture, packaging products, creating fake TV shows and all this next to their everyday jobs and lives (which especially for Ariane took a rather frustrating turn). Not to mention several instances of extremely quick thinking for an explanation, like with the Coca-Cola incident. All this gets put into perspective when you realize that the doctor never mentioned anything about their mother's heart stabilizing at one point. Alex very likely was ready to carry on with this for several decades.

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