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  • Spanky Taylor's escape from Scientology. After finding her child criminally neglected within the Pacific Area Command Base, she called one of the few non-Scientologists she knew and covertly arranged an escape (since a bodyguard was watching her make the phone call). When the car arrived, Taylor jumped in the car with her child, leaving essentially everything she had - physical and social - behind. Bravo, Ms. Taylor.
    • How Paul Haggis left from the church. He wrote up a resignation letter and had sections of it anonymously posted on Marty Rathbun's website throughout the week, with the last post finally showing his name and picture. What's more, he refused to take back his resignation even when the church sent celebrity friends to his house to pressure him to stay.
  • On a meta level, the book and especially film seem to be making people far less afraid of criticising Scientology, to the point where they may single-handedly manage to make Church of Happyology into a Discredited Trope.


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