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Awesome / Godzilla: King of the Monsters

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The Marvel comic:

  • Godzilla got his crowning moment of awesome when he took on the combined forces of the Avengers, Fantastic Four and SHIELD. Especially when they pretty much fought tooth and nail to drive him into the ocean...and that didn't really achieve anything besides pissing him off.
    • When the Big G wanders into San Francisco, his foot comes down on the block where Hercules is standing. So the Prince of Power knocks over Godzilla. There may not be one other character in history who can claim to have knocked over Godzilla from underneath.
    • Ant-Man and the Wasp sneaking into Godzilla's ear canal and attacking him there, and it's suprisingly effective. It's really the most effective attack any of the super-heroes ever make against him (even if it is less dramatic-looking than Herc flipping him).

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