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Awesome / Gods, Angels, and Kings

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Spoilers Off applies to all Awesome pages, so all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

Awesome moments in Gods, Angels, and Kings:

  • Godzilla accidentally lands in the Earth of the Evangelion universe, realizes it is badly damaged and swears that whoever destroyed the world and creatures he is duty-bound to protect will pay with its blood.
  • And then Sachiel is unlucky enough to show up. Godzilla faces it, punches it, and it flies for half a kilometer, finally slamming into a hillside. Godzilla is surprised at its lightness before deciding that its weight is irrelevant because it dies now.
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  • A fully grown Sandalphon versus Anguirus and Rodan. When the massive pterosaur arrives, the narration notes "Rodan, Lord of the Skies, had come."
  • The entirety of Chapter 10 is one for Godzilla. Godzilla Junior has been captured by NERV on orders from Gendo, who hopes to use the baby kaiju as bait to lure the King of the Monsters into a trap at Mt. Fuji to kill him and prevent any further deviations from the Scenario. The first line of defense Godzilla encounters when he arrives is hundreds of automated defense turrets and unmanned military vehicles; he wipes them all out with a single, sweeping blast of his Atomic Breath. Next up, NERV tries to obliterate Godzilla with an N2 mine; he tanks it without a scratch. And finally, he faces off against EVA Units 00, 01, and 02 all by himself and mutilates the three biomechs, nearly killing the pilots in the process. It's only because Shinji rescues Junior himself and personally hands him over to Godzilla that he doesn't squish the helpless NERV personnel stationed there, opting to instead return to the ocean with his son in tow.
  • While under the influence of the G-cell serum, Maya succeeds in seducing Ritsuko.


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