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  • The first scene of the game, which has Lindow, Sakuya and Soma waiting for the right moment to hunt down a Vajra, and it does. Though we didn't see how the hunt goes, it pretty much giving us a look at what the game has to offer.
  • Lindow's three rules in surviving your first mission. Doubles as a CMoF.
    Lindow: You got three orders: Don't die. If your numbers are up, get out. Lastly, hide. If you're lucky, you can manage to caught it off guard and blast it. *beat* Wait, that's four, isn't it?
  • The fact that Lindow was rumored to have killed an Ouroborros by himself.
    • Fortunately, the pachi-slot game has a special mini-game where you, as Lindow, have to hit a triple 7, or a full 7 if you are lucky, in order to clobber the Ouroborros. If you win, you earn not only 27 points, but also a sweet shot of Lindow with a dead Ouroborros.
  • Soma Schicksal's Establishing Character Moment mainly consist of slashing down an Ogretail who just ate a God Eaternote  and inform him of his "job". Scary, but awesome.
    Soma: "Welcome to this god-awful/god-forsaken workplace!"
  • Battered and tired after recently killed a Prithvi Mata, Lindow goes on to fight against the Dyaus Pita as he throw off his cigar, while doing a Power Walk is pretty cool. Even though later on find out that he was defeated, at least he tried to.
  • After presumingly "killed" Lindow in the infamous "Moon in the Welkins" mission, Alisa's small Character Development story arc is this, as you help her out of her depression and making her one of the most useful God Eater in the game. Just how much she improved? She shoots a Vajra before it could clobber the player from behind!
    • As an added bonus, you'll get a blue Clementor shieldnote .
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  • The fact that Paylor Sakaki hides what he knows about Johannes' endgame, as well as his genuine interest toward Shio sure takes a lot of guts.
  • When Sakuya find out about Lindow's "side mission", she and Alisa goes to Aegis Island, only to confront Johannes and learns about his Evil Plan, before having Dr. Oguruma use the Trigger Phrase in an effort to brainwash Alisa into kill Sakuya. What did Alisa do? Uses a Recovery Pillar to cure Sakuya and herself of her own brainwashed state, then they escape via a Stun Grenade.
  • The sheer dedication and Character Development Soma had gone through just to protect Shio from his own father. Even though Sakuya and Alisa are now deemed fugitives, and Kota has the tickets to save his family via the Ark Project, Soma sticks along with the player and starts to mellow down his anti-social status.
    • When Shio was taken to the Aegis Island to jumpstart the Devouring Apocalypse, he make it his mission to save her and kill his father, and managed to rally the rest of the First Unit toward Aegis Island. This, as well as the above, double as a CMoH.
  • When everyone realizes the gates toward Aegis are in full lockdown, Kota suddenly "suggesting" that they can go to the basement floor of the main building, where it will lead to Aegis. Even Tsubaki was surprised by this.
  • After battling the Arda Nova, the Apocalypse is about to start, with everyone are helpless to stop it. To save the Earth, Shio decides to do a Heroic Sacrifice by having Soma to devour her physical body, just so that she can take Apocalypse to the moon instead, much to the shock of some First Unit members. This results in the terraforming of the moon itself!
    • Doubles as a Tearjerker.
  • Every mission against the Hannibal, as this gives even expert Monster Hunter players a hard time to beat.
    • Related to the above, the fact that the Hannibal can come Back from the Dead after being killed can be pretty scary. Even Soma himself was surprised by this.
  • Very briefly, but when the Defense Unit are ambushed by a trio of Kongou, a black Hannibal performs a Big Damn Heroes by killing them off. In reverse,the player blocks the black Hannibal's punch to protect Tatsumi when it starts gunning at the God Eaters.
    • It was revealed that Lindow still has enough Heroic Willpower to control his Aragami form and momentarily save the Defense Unit, before slipping off his control. He still got nerves of steel.
  • During an Aragami breach in the God Arc Storage Room, the player, unable to use his/her God Arc due to maintainance, uses Lindow's God Arc to defend Licca from the Vajratails. This is despite the dangers of using someone's God Arc other than theirs.
  • The showdown against the Corrosive Hannibal on Aegis Island pretty much sums up the game in total, especially the epic Determinator speech that quickly became the Trope Codifier:
    Protagonist: Don't run away! Don't run away from living! THAT'S AN ORDER!! (Awesomness ensues)
    • The above line was accompanied by a shot of the player DualWields his/her and Lindow's God Arc. Then proceeds in RIPPING APART the Hannibal's mouth and use their Resonance powers on it by punching its core.
  • Ren ends up sacrificing himself/herself/itself to save the Lindow and the Protagonist by Taking the Bullet meant for the former.
  • Meta example: Props to the developer for recreating the very first game of the franchise in high definition, and then some...

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