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Awesome / Go Go Sentai Boukenger Vs Super Sentai

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  • Aka Red holding off Chronos, Gajah, Meemy, and Tsuetsue, as Bouken Silver and the veteran Sentai warriors destroy the gateway to the time prison holding the five Boukengers and Hikaru.
    • Aka Red transforms into Magi Red, spooking Meemy, and then Gao Red, spooking Tsuetsue, using the Red Fire and Lion Fang - Blazing Fire attacks respectively.
  • The Boukengers joining with the Veteran Sentai, splitting up to take on each of the four villains.
    • Bouken Black and Bouken Blue with Abare Black and Magi Yellow vs. Gajah.
    • Hurricane Blue with Bouken Yellow and Bouken Pink vs. Tsuetsue.
    • The Sixth Rangers: Bouken Silver, Magi Shine, and Deka Break vs. Meemy.
    • Bouken Red teaming up with Aka Red vs. Chronos.

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