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Considering it's a crossover for Mass Effect and Exalted, there's no end to the sheer amount of awesome.

  • Pretty much anytime anyone Exalts. The badass speech the Exalt in question hears that uplifts them to their new state of being is both glorious and beautiful, and sets the whole tone for the purpose of the Exalted.
  • Shepard just beating the crap out of the Shadow Broker's minions to the point that they just start surrendering. Later on, she actually turns them to her side through sheer badassery.
  • Tela Vasir actually managing to hold her own against Exalted Shepard and keeping up with her against Reaper-deployed minions. There's a reason why a Spectre who has been on the job for a century is not to be trifled with.
    • Shepard converting Vasir to her side. Not through violence or coercion, but through simply telling her "You can be better."
  • Wuffles concluding that geth are superior lifeforms to reapers based on the fact that geth can self-determinate while Reapers can't. Then he proceeds to tell Harbinger to go fuck himself.
  • "I am Javik. I am the Dawn." Then he kills a Reaper with his bare hands.
    • And how did he get his exaltation? He killed two Solar Exalted and trapped their Exaltations (well, okay, one, and he was in a drug-induced stupor, but the second one had a puppet army. Javik blew his kneecaps off to cripple his army, broke his spine with a club, and let the asari tear the dude apart). Then he went to Athame, a 3000-year-old Elder Exalted with creepy tastes, shrugged off a geas on sheer willpower, then when Athame grabbed him by the throat, he spat in his face and cracked open the Dawn Shard, knowing that there isn't a damn thing within 100,000 light years that is as badass as him at that moment.
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  • Every single thing Garrus does after becoming a Lunar. He is having waaaaay too much fun.
  • Joker punching a Thresher Maw. Admittedly, it's a baby Thresher Maw, and this is after he gets his Vrolik's Syndrome cured by Kasumi, and he's wearing a set of Smashfists.
  • Tali While dying due to a massive suit rupture manages to taunt the Indoctrinated Shadow Broker while blasting him in the face with a plasma shotgun.
    "Hey! Fucker!" She brings up her shotgun as it turns. "My people made the Geth by accident. Want to see what we do on purpose?"
  • Liara vs. Morinth. It stars with the former beating the latter over the head with a potted plant, and progresses with Liara channeling her quarter-krogan heritage with a nose-shattering headbutt.
  • Tali and Adienna, working together, turn Chittika Vas Paus and a geth Collossus into a Humongous Mecha. Of course, not a moment later, Terminal Lord of Boskone, the Reaper in command of the geth heretics, shows up an Harbingers all over that.
    • Then Tali convinces Auto to take responsibility for his actions and take to the field of battle himself by correctly guessing he has "plans" for her and then putting a gun to her own head to force him to help.
  • Wuffles, Kal'Reegar, and the entire Geth Consensus working together to utilize a geth-engineered form of essence + mass effect field-based martial art know as Synthetic Hero Style to rip the heretic geth a new one.
    • This scene later goes Up to Eleven when Kal Exalts as a Sidereal (Chosen of Journeys), and proceeds to bring Terminal to a standstill while completely barechested.
  • When Shepard is duking it out with Morinth, who is seriously boosted after having fed on Shepard, the latter starts getting the upper hand. Cue Garrus sniping off Morinth's hand, teleport-punching her across the room, then throwing a Thresher Maw at Morinth, which holds her in place long enough for Shepard to run up its back and punch her in the face.
  • Doubling as a CMOF, we have Mister Sunshine singing Come be a Dentist. This is also a CMOA for the author, for managing to capture the spirit of the song in a text-based medium.
  • Tali building a mass relay in her lab using, in her words, "using my...corrections to the blueprints Autochthon apparently wrote on the wall with his own poop." Then she fistbumps Shepard.
  • James Vega, a (relatively) normal human, manages to suplex Javik.
    • Turns out he's Little Beam... AKA, the son of The Unconquered Sun.
  • Kaidan taking a level and leaping out of an exploding shuttle, and biotic-charging Seeker's minions, blowing up their heads with his biotics, and wielding a N7 Slayer's curved omniblade.
  • Shepard finally coming to terms with the idea that "this is impossible" is no barrier to her by running on top of a battlefield of husks, Collectors, and other Reaper monstrosities, running up the beam of molten metal from a Reaper's main gun, leaping off and running along the underside of the Normandy as it strafes past, down a second Reaper beam, and then punching the Reaper so hard it goes flying.
  • Meta-Example: In the story thread on, right after a snippet in which Shepard successfully punches out Seeker (a fully sized Reaper), another poster pops up with this, a reference to a quote from the prologue:
    Achievement Unlocked: Non-Zero Chance: Punch out a Reaper.
  • Autochthon completely shutting up the Viator by freeing the Catalyst/Leaping Sky from his control, cutting off his arm, and delivering an eloquent threat to his diseased offspring:
    Autochthon: A principle? A Primordial, who embodies concepts? Or so you tell yourself? Well. Now you are also making me unconscionably enraged, as you have done nothing in the past billion years but create measured insults against me. And all I can think of, right now? What happened to the last few titans who made it a point to piss me off?
  • An upgraded Normandy, it's computers filled with the "children" of EDI and Wuffles and enhanced by Autocthon, uses the Normandy's mass effect to perfectly parry Harbinger's main gun.
    Liquid metal accelerated to percentages of lightspeed is caught in waves of gravity and slapped aside. Inch by inch, piece by piece, the unstoppable crimson beam is stopped. It is disassembled, frozen, and discarded.
    • The best part is that Harbinger is kind of stuck there for a moment in the Reaper equivalent of "What the fuck just happened?!"
  • Tali, her Autocthon-granted battlesuit destroyed by Harbinger, her suit ruptured, and Wuffles' platform destroyed, chooses to walk up to Harbinger's avatar, blasting it with her plasma shotgun to keep his attention, and when she runs out of thermal clips, smacks it with the butt of the shotgun.
  • The Finale of the first book. All of it.
    • Pretty much everyone taking on Harbinger's most powerful avatar and destroying it, culminating in Tali ramming her knife through its face and then Shepard rocket-kicking the knife through the avatar's entire body.
    • Hannah Shepard having Iri upgrade the Oriziba's engines, and then ramming the whole thing through Harbinger.
    • Kal'Reegar saving Hannah and Autocthon from the above, and then journeying with Auto to Deus Machina where, before the Maidens and all of the Alchemicals, Autocthon declares that the Cycle has been broken.
    • The Catalyst/ Leaping Sky using the power of millions of species over billions of years worshipping the Mass Relays to empower him enough to banish the Viator into the heart of the Citadel, lock the Reapers out of the Mass Relays, liberate Perfect Defender of Reposition to make sure the Reapers are trapped, and then hurling the remains of Harbinger into the heart of the galaxy.
    "You are a spoiled, petulant child. Now go back to your room."
    • And at the end, Bright Star emerging from Harbinger's remains, with the symbol of the Unconquered Sun lighting up on his brow.
  • The very start of the second book has one when Mordin Solus cures the genophage, and in the process, Exalts.

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