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  • Izuru ponders whether to follow orders to abandon the civilians left on the base or to save them and risk fighting the entire Urgal fleet. He chooses the latter and, to much of the rest of the fleet's shock, gives the aliens a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown. His squadmates follow suit and they eventually force Lord Rada to pull out his forces. '''WOW.'''
  • The assault on the Urgal base in Episode 5. Izuru, Kei and Ataru really got to shine in there, especially with Izuru taking Randy's advice to heart and using it to motivate his comrades and win the day.
    • Irie even gets a short, but significant, moment of her own when she saves her companions from the exploding base.
  • Asagi, over coming his chronic stomach issues that have plagued him since the disastrous second mission, taking command in episode 8 and getting the other four to work together holding the enemy back while Izuru is busy dueling Jiart and the rest of the fleet regroups.
    • Izuru duel with Jiart in episode 8 itself. It starts with the JURIA's defensive response proving useful for once, allowing Red 5 to dodge a Wave Motion Gun Izuru couldn't see that blasts right through the asteroid in front of him. Then there's the fact Jiart's mech is so fast conventional projectiles are useless, forcing Izuru to dump everything and enter a melee duel that ends only when they mutually slash their cockpits open, allowing them to see each other.
  • Tamaki in episode 11, while on Mars during a sandstorm that is affecting everyone else including the enemies effectiveness, being able to push her own to behavior normally and even create a wind tunnel that allowed Ataru to get a shot off necessary to save Izuru and Asagi in a desperate situation.
  • New teammate Ange in episode 13 switching into a Unstoppable Rage and then taking out the entire enemy squad the rest of Team Rabbits could barely touch and driving their leader into retreat while cursing up a storm.
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  • Izuru in episode 14. His brief encounter with Theoria, during which he gains a little insight as to their past relationship, gives him the push he needs to activate Red 5's Super Mode when fighting Jiart. It gets to the point where Jiart drops his signature smug expression and has to activate his own Super Mode to keep up. Even Ange is rendered speechless.
  • Izuru coming in to help the team save Ange in episode 15. He is in his mech's core, without all its weapons. Literally without any armor and with the equivalent of a small handgun. And he goes blasting in, dodging all the attacks that target him so he comes out without a scratch. And rapid fires at the fighters attacking Ange, turning the tide with the others to bring Ange back alive.
  • Episode 17, forced to follow after enemy as after the broke through the line Earth's defense line and were going through orbit to attack their former school. With Tamaki's ASMB being the only one capable of surviving entry into atmosphere, Izuru and Asagi's hitch a ride as she dives in a trajectory literally blazing a trail of fire through the sky to arrive just in time to keep Klein's forces from having a uncontested chance to attack.
    • The actual fight against Klein was also jaw-droppingly awesome. The Legatus just wouldn't go down; it took all of Fail Five to finally destroy him.
  • Episode 24: Izuru and Jiart's final fight, which has both of them activating their respective COMPLETE Super Mode forms and battling even after the destruction of Warp gate has wiped out all other forces in the area, and in case of Red 5, its mech core is all he has left to deal Jiart the final blow.

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